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Ico logo apollo18.jpg The Most Efficient Mining Operation in the GALAXY
Rating 2.7
Team Vision Product
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Rewarding investors by building cryptocurrency infrastructure and securing the blockchain.

Token A18
Price 1 A18 = 0.90 USD
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 75%
Hard cap 14,250,000 A18
Tokens for sale 10750000
Country USA
Restricted areas N/A
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a n/a n/a


We believe that infrastructure buildout is imperative in order for blockchain technologies and applications to continue as a viable option. We believe that additional research and development is needed in order to produce hardware that is efficiently scalable to keep up with the growth of blockchain technologies. The future of cryptocurrency mining needs to be distributed and geared towards the original visions of decentralization. Apollo18’s goal is to
return the power back to the people by lowering the barrier of entry, nnovating more efficient mining methodologies, and ultimately, empowering the community.
Apollo Silos
The success of the Apollo18 mining platform is due in part to the uniquely configured mining system. As a token holder you will have access to dedicated mining hardware, similar to purchasing server space on any other platform such as Amazon’s Web Services. We refer to our mining rigs as “Silos” because of this model.
Unique Selling Proposition
Apollo18 is contributing to the blockchain infrastructure by implementing scalable mining units built on the industry tested data server models. We continue to enhance the server mining hardware through the research and development of dedicated hardware.
Lowest price for energy in the United States. Apollo18 is located in a region of the United States with base residential electric rates between 5-6 cents/KWh. This rate is nearly half the rate of the lowest state rate average. Upon scaling, Apollo18 may be eligible for local industrial rates of 1.7 cents/KWh.
Industry tested infrastructure. The Apollo18 Silos are configured to reflect, and improve upon, the setups utilized by giants in the tech industry today. These tested configurations provide highly effective models for cooling systems. 
Efficient. Apollo18 has implemented the most efficient GPU mining infrastructure per square foot. Mining farms we have visited in the past average approximately 8 GPUs per 3 sq. ft. Apollo18’s configuration compares at approximately 8 GPUs per 1 sq. ft. Upon scaling, GPU density increases compared to traditional mining farms.


Team photo 2397-25795.jpg
Kirk Durbin
Team photo 2397-25796.jpg
Justin Merrell
Entrepreneur, technical strategist
Team photo 2397-25797.jpg
Pamela Paige

Team photo 2397-25798.jpg
Chelsea Turner
Graphic designer and Branding expert
Team photo 2397-53048.jpg
Nate Delong
Marketing Director
Team photo 2397-53049.jpg
Anthony Russel
Security Advisor


Team photo 2397-25799.jpg
Chris Mair


  1. Q1, 2018
    Apollo18 will be continuously expanding and growing. As this
    happens, we will also be expanding our marketing efforts. This will include
    connecting with the various communities and exchanges as to have the A18
    token listed and available to buy and sell. During this time, we will also be
    expanding internally and hiring more developers and engineers.
  1. Q2, 2018
    Token sale.Apollo18 will now have completed all necessary filing requirements
    with the SEC. The remaining A18 tokens will then become available to purchase
    at the increased public rate. Apollo18 will begin securing shipping dates for the
    necessary hardware to scale and implement the data center.
  1. Q4, 2018
    Apollo18 predicts to have the core of the
    mining infrastructure in place and operating. At this time, the Apollo18 smart
    contract will have had been deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. Investors that
    have owned A18 tokens for thirty (30) days or more would have started receiving
    dividend payouts from the Apollo18 Silos.
  1. 2018 October 1 - Lift Off
    Post-ICO, Apollo18 will continue to scale the mining operation, partnering with exchanges, and begin the process of issuing Ethereum payouts to the Apollo18 token holders.


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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-17

Team Vision Product
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