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Ico logo smartone.jpg Legal solutions for the crypto community
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SmartOne aims to bring the disruptive capabilities of blockchain-based enterprise to the LEGAL sector by creating a means of access to LEGAL services.

Token LGL
Price 1 LEGAL = 0.004 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 13000000 LGL
Tokens for sale 13000000
Country Switzerland
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-10-30 00:00:00 2017-11-30 00:00:00


SmartOne has designed the LEGAL token as the solution to this misalignment of the crypto ​and ​legal ​communities.
Designed to bridge the gap between these two sectors, LEGAL addresses the lack of access to the legal sector currently experienced by crypto communities and at the same time, creates the foundations for a legal tech ecosystem based around the SmartOne network ​and ​platform.
By enabling access to the SmartOne network, LEGAL brings crypto communities and the legal sector together. Organisations use their tokens to buy legal services and expertise that are offered via the platform. They will be able to pick their teams and select specific automated products or services that they know have been designed to serve the crypto community.
The network itself offers a marketplace within which service providers and clients can meet and engage. It also brings researchers, developers, financial institutions, regulators and ​investors ​together ​for ​the ​first ​time ​into ​one ​crypto-focused ​ecosystem.
Supported by the SmartOne network and the underlying SmartOne Foundation, the ecosystem will facilitate further legal tech development by providing an environment that puts financial institutions in touch with research teams; investors with developers and service ​providers ​with ​clients.


Team photo 725-6456.jpg
Prof. Thomas Fischer
Foundation Council President
Team photo 725-6457.jpg
Klaus D. Stark
Foundation Council
Team photo 725-6458.jpg
Patrick Salm
Foundation Council

Team photo 725-6459.jpg
Reto Stiffler
Foundation Council
Team photo 725-6460.jpg
Christoph Küng
Legal Business Dev. Lead
Team photo 725-6461.jpg
Christian Kläy
Law and Regulation Lead

Team photo 725-6462.jpg
Marco Oesch
Technical Lead
Team photo 725-6463.jpg
Mario Colombo
Technical Marketing Lead
Team photo 725-6464.jpg
Luke Szkudlarek
Digital Strategy Lead

Team photo 725-6465.jpg
David Fariña
Design, Web & Application Development
Team photo 725-6466.jpg
Samuel Dionne
Communications Officer


Team photo 725-6467.jpg
Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas
Research & Education Advisor
Team photo 725-6468.jpg
Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler
Risk & Financial Institutions Advisor
Team photo 725-6469.jpg
Toni Caradonna
Smart Contract Expert & Advisor


  1. August 2017
    Legal community platform launch
  2. September 2017
    Opening of Crypto legaltech lab in Zug
  3. October 2017
    Legal solutions of TGEs available on our marketplace and automation platform (e.g. white paper analysis, Howey test)
  4. December 2017
    Additional legal products (e.g. tax advice, regulation & compliance, property protection)
  5. Q1 2018
    KYC Automation
  6. Q2 2018
    Open source crowdfunding platform
  7. Q3 2018
    Automation of processes, legal documents and contracts for the financial and captal markets
  8. Q4 2018
    Classification and rating model of token
  9. 2019
    Extend the marketplace to consumers with our legal app
  10. Date (TBC)
    Legal solutions for the financial services industry, crypto banking


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Luca Cotta - launching ICOs, ICO Influencer, IT expert.
Rated on 2017-10-21

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Hung Chih (Jason Hung) - Serial Entrepreneur | Investor Meetup | ICO advisor | China Market | Exchange
Rated on 2017-10-27

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Farabi Shayor - Marketing Professional | VR Research Lead | Cryptocurrency Specialist
Rated on 2017-11-15

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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-27

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