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Ico logo singularitynet.jpg A Platform for the Decentralized AI Economy
Rating 4.1
Team Vision Product
4.6 4.7 3.8


The free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts. Create, combine and monetize AI technologies at scale.

Token AGI
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Tokens for sale 500000000
Country Switzerland
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-12-19 17:00:00 2017-12-19 17:01:00


The value and power of Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically every year, and will soon dominate the internet – and the economy as a whole. However, AI tools today are fragmented by a closed development environment; most are developed by one company to perform one task, and there is no way to plug two tools together. SingularityNET aims to become the key protocol for networking AI and machine learning tools to form a coordinated Artificial General Intelligence.

SingularityNET is an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated AI services. Within this framework, the benefits of AI become a global commons infrastructure for the benefit of all; anyone can access AI tech or become a stakeholder in its development. Anyone can add an AI/machine learning service to SingularityNET for use by the network, and receive network payment tokens in exchange.

SingularityNET is backed by the SingularityNET Foundation, which operates on a belief that the benefits of AI should not be dominated by any small set of powerful institutions, but shared by all. A key goal of SingularityNET is to ensure the technology is benevolent according to human standards, and the network is designed to incentivize and reward beneficial players.


Team photo 1038-10325.jpg
Alexey Potapov
Team photo 1038-10331.jpg
Trent McConaghy
Team photo 1038-10332.jpg
Jim Rutt

Team photo 1038-10333.jpg
Tal Ball
Team photo 1038-10334.jpg
Sergei Sergienko


Team photo 1038-10321.jpg
Ben Goertzel
CEO, Chief Scientist & Project Lead
Team photo 1038-10322.jpg
David Hanson
Chairman and Robotics Lead
Team photo 1038-10323.jpg
Cassio Pennachin
Chief Technology Officer

Team photo 1038-10324.jpg
Simone Giacomelli
Blockchain Specialist
Team photo 1038-10326.jpg
Eddie Monroe
R&D scientist
Team photo 1038-10327.jpg
Anton Kolonin
Software Development

Team photo 1038-10328.jpg
Nil Geisweiller
AGI Developer
Team photo 1038-10329.jpg
Linas Vepstas
AI Researcher
Team photo 1038-10330.jpg
Mitchell Loureiro
Marketing Lead


  1. 2016
    Outline development & economic logic
    Assemble team of AI, blockchain & cogni@on experts
  2. 2017
    Market test proof-of-concept
  3. Early 2018
    Beta test intial build with partners Finalize release candidate
  4. Late 2018
    Launch the only global AI marketplace
    Grow partnerships and community


Expert photo justin-looney-1510241970.jpg

Justin Looney - IT Specialist, ICO Researcher, Higher Education Project Manager, Adjunct Professor
Rated on 2017-11-27

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo luis-brecci-1511533897.jpg

Luis Brecci - Blockchain Lawyer and Advisor; International Law Specialist
Rated on 2017-11-29

SingularityNET is definitely one of the most interesting ICOs of the year. They have a great team and a good plan to disrupt and decentralize the growing AI market.

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo wayne-wing-kar-chu-1528844276.jpg

Wayne Wing Kar Chu - Venture Capitalist, ex-Director at Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas & Nomura
Rated on 2017-12-01

Very excited to see what this team can contribute to the industry and on the AI solution front. Have followed Sophie's story for many months.

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo pavlos-tzegiannakis-1512745284.jpg

Pavlos Tzegiannakis - Co-Founder of CORE, ICO advisor, Passionate Investor
Rated on 2017-12-18

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo jason-hung-1516678740.jpg

Hung Chih (Jason Hung) - Serial Entrepreneur | Investor Meetup | ICO advisor | China Market | Exchange
Rated on 2017-12-18

Impressive! Wish it very success!

Team Vision Product
4 5 4

Expert photo karavaev-1512904655.jpg

Igor Karavaev - ico advisor and investor
Rated on 2017-12-22

Team Vision Product
4 4 3

Expert photo maja-1512810864.jpg

Maja Voje - CMO at OriginTrail, First Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain (22.5 mm raised)
Rated on 2017-12-22

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo vytautas-kaseta-1515333070.jpg

Vytautas Kaseta - Distributed crypto systems generalist, Social hacker, Next Reality visionary
Rated on 2018-01-22

Lots of hype. Professional team.
Sophia as a product not even close to AI yet.

Team Vision Product
5 4 2

Expert photo steven-costa-martins-1510227638.jpg

Steven Costa Martins - Blockchain and ICO investor/advisor ★ Fintech ★ Technologist
Rated on 2018-04-17

Singularity NET is a protocol that was designed for solving modern problems of artificial intelligence.
This project aims to will make the AI ​​market available worldwide.

Excellent team, the idea is brilliant (although we are talking at medium term usage possibly).

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-29

Team Vision Product
0 0 0