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Ico logo mindfire.jpg Decoding the Mind for Humankind
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The Mindfire Foundation is a Swiss non-profit which is focused on understanding the foundational principles which make up human intelligence.

Token MFT
Price 1 MFT = 0.05 CHF
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH,BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 50,000,000
Hard cap 800,000,000
Tokens for sale 800000000
Country Switzerland
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2018-11-01 00:00:00 n/a


The Mindfire Foundation is a Swiss non-profit which is focused on understanding the foundational principles which make up human intelligence, and applying those principles to the development of artificially intelligent organisms.

Mindfire aims to achieve this through the implementation of a series of Missions. Each mission gathers the top minds across various fields of science, to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to a structured series of challenges. The first of which is the creation of an artificial organism.

Participants of Mindfire missions are credited with their contributions through a blockchain based format (patent filed & pending), designed specifically to track and attribute intellectual property. The overall discoveries which take place during Mindfire Missions, will remain independent of any corporate ownership and serve for the betterment of all of society.

Mindfire deploys a blockchain-based token, the Mindfire Token (MFT) incentivizing talents to collaborate beyond traditional labs and allowing them to be fairly and directly recognized for new ideas and concepts. MFT can be either acquired by investors (sponsors) or earned by talents (re-searchers) for participating in, and contributing to the Mindfire Missions (research projects).

Mindfire forms an economic and scientific ecosystem that rewards talents for conducting and sharing their research in the Mindfire Platform: all created intellectual property rights will be protected with great care by the Mindfire Foundation, which owns, manages and commercializes such rights. Holders of MFT will participate in the proceeds from the commercialization of the intellectual property rights and are entitled to voting rights regarding the use of intellectual property rights by the IP company, to ensure that the use of the valuable intellectual property rights is legitimized by a large number of people.


Team photo 3993-49074.jpg
Pascal Kaufmann
Founder and President of the Foundation, Head of the AI board
Team photo 3993-49075.jpg
Lukas Sieber
Foundation Board Member
Team photo 3993-49076.jpg
Fabienne Dörig

Team photo 3993-49077.jpg
Carlo Schmid
Relationship Manager
Team photo 3993-49078.jpg
Eveline Hutter
Talent Manager & Project Management Support
Team photo 3993-49079.jpg
Christine Ott
Mission Operations and Event Manager

Team photo 3993-49080.jpg
Dan Lovy
Director of Missions
Team photo 3993-49081.jpg
Manuela Sheppard
Executive Assistant
Team photo 3993-49082.jpg
Tristan Roberge-Mentec
Alliance Partner

Team photo 3993-49083.jpg
Christoph von der Malsburg
Foundation Board Member, Head of the Neuroscience Board


Team photo 3993-49088.jpg
Joanna J. Bryson
Ethics Board Member
Team photo 3993-49089.jpg
Edy Portmann
Talent Board Member
Team photo 3993-49090.jpg
Rolf Pfeifer
AI Board Member

Team photo 3993-49091.jpg
Luciano Floridi
Ethics Board Member
Team photo 3993-49092.jpg
Barbara Bohr
Chair Advisory Board, Head of the Ethics Board
Team photo 3993-49093.jpg
Eberhard Schoeneburg
AI Board Member

Team photo 3993-49094.jpg
Don Berry
Talent Board Member
Team photo 3993-49095.jpg
Andra Keay
AI Board member
Team photo 3993-49096.jpg
Shalini Trefzer
Coach and Technical Advisor


Team photo 3993-49084.jpg
German Ramirez
Advisor PR & Communications
Team photo 3993-49085.jpg
Aileen Zumstein
Team photo 3993-49086.jpg
Gerry Hofstetter
Visionair, Inspirer and Light Artist Ambassador

Team photo 3993-49087.jpg
Matt Rizzetta


  1. March 2017
    First Draft of the Mindfire Token.
  1. August 2017
    U.S. patent filed for cryptographic token-based system.
  1. November 2017
    Mindfire Foundation officially launched.
  1. Q1 - Q2 2018
    Mindfire Whitepaper.
  1. Q2 2018
  1. May 2018
    Mindfire Mission-1.
  1. Q3 - Q4 2018
    Mindfire Token Sale.Mindfire Mission-2.


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