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Ico logo lenuschain.jpg Providing You with Comprehensible Health Data
Rating 2.9
Team Vision Product
4 3 2


The health data market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Token BPM
Price 1 BPM = 0.04 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting BTC, ETH
Soft cap 750,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 0
Country Switzerland
Restricted areas Germany
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a n/a n/a


LenusChain is a startup that will combine health data monitoring with blockchain technology and token economy. By downloading the LenusChain App users will be able to experience a new way of health data monitoring, tracking and storage. By granting other users access to the personal LenusChain data it will be possible to combine different devices on ones LensuChain dashboard. Users now have the possibility to create and manage health spaces for different groups. The use cases stretch from a corporate health space where employees can compare each others progress to amateur or professional sport clubs, families, nursing homes or hospitals. By creating different levels of data protection its possible to individually allow different health spaces to see different amounts of data. Additionally LenusChain offers state-of-the-art preventive health care by using chat bots which react to specific changes in user behaviour. This can be disregarded or made use off, depending on the user itself. By offering guidance and solutions LenusChain will play its part in increasing life quality and sickness prevention by even offering direkt specialist treatment in the surrounding area of the user.

Finally we offer different health spaces the opportunity to create custom tokens. These tokens can be used to reward progress, increase motivation by generating a more competitive environment or simply to compare achieved results easily. These tokens are generated automatically by smart contracts. So if there is an improvement the user will be rewarded with customized tokens.


Team photo 3041-34140.jpg
Felix Seiler
Chief Executive Officer
Team photo 3041-34141.jpg
Mete Kücük
Chief Marketing Officer
Team photo 3041-34142.jpg
Riccardo Walter
Chief Financial Officer / ICO / TokenEconomy

Team photo 3041-34143.jpg
John Munoz
Chief Digital Officer
Team photo 3041-34144.jpg
Moritz Nasemann
Chief Medical Officer
Team photo 3041-34145.jpg
Rebecca Wald
Chief Technological Officer

Team photo 3041-34146.jpg
Dominik Moosmann
Team Leader / Content & Marketing Manager
Team photo 3041-34147.jpg
Edwin Molina
Backend Developer
Team photo 3041-34148.jpg
Daria Pohlen
Team Leader / Frontend & Webdesign

Team photo 3041-34149.jpg
Karin Mardirosyan
Content & Marketing Manager
Team photo 3041-34150.jpg
Farhard Hoshyarzai
Sales / Marketing Manager
Team photo 3041-34151.jpg
Ginett Rosales
Frontend & Webdesign


  1. January, 2018
    Idea creation.
  1. February, 2018
    Start conception phase.
  1. March, 2018
    Start Prototyping and marketing campaign.
  1. May, 2018
    Start crowdsale and fundraising.
  1. May, 2018
    Completion prototype.
  1. June, 2018
    End crowdsale.
  1. June, 2018
    Team expansion developers / advisors.
  1. June, 2018
    Definition / start / implementation MVP.
  1. September, 2018
    Testing MVP.
  1. September, 2018
    Completion MVP.
  1. October, 2018
    Ready to market.


Expert photo conston-taylor-1516902830.jpg

Conston Taylor - ICO Advisor | ICO Analyst | Blockchain Researcher
Rated on 2018-09-25

This is the wearable health market. The team looks capable. The blockchain use case is not strong, nor is the market awareness.

This is not financial advice or a recommendation to invest in this or any other ICO. Investors must perform their own due diligence and not rely on external ratings to make their final investment decisions. ICOs are risky and 100% loss of capital is possible.

Team Vision Product
4 3 2

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-18

Team Vision Product
0 0 0