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Ico logo idm.jpg Complete Protection from Quantum Superiority
Rating 4
Team Vision Product
4 4.2 4


IDM has its own patented data protection technology called SIZE and is preparing to launch a new service.

Token IDM
Price 1 IDM = 0.01 ETH
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 27,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 0
Country Switzerland
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2018-06-04 00:00:00 2018-10-04 00:00:00


Current trends and issues associated with cloud data storage The 21st century is the age of information. More and more data are generated on the daily basis creating an ever-increasing demand for storage space. Not every home computer, let alone a mobile device, can store all its own generated data. The capacity of the built-in memory is growing along with requirements for data safety. The increased volume of generated data proportionally increases the number of potential threats to the storage of this data.

With the growth in the number of devices, cloud storage services are becoming increasingly important. Many cloud storage providers promise fast, reliable and convenient services. However, the reality is a bit more complicated.


Team photo 3501-41808.jpg
Farooq A Rahim
Team photo 3501-43351.jpg
Amarpreet Singh
Blockchain & ICO Advisor


Team photo 3501-40330.jpg
Iskender Syrgabekov
Inventor of the algorithm
Team photo 3501-40332.jpg
Erkin Zadauly
Inventor of the algorithm.
Team photo 3501-40335.jpg
Tony Dremlyuga
Chief Strategy Officer

Team photo 3501-40336.jpg
Daan Elffers
CEO at EMG Group BV
Team photo 3501-41574.jpg
Naviin Kapoor
Team photo 3501-43352.jpg
Andrei Rekhtine
Veteran IT Management Consultant

Team photo 3501-43353.jpg
Shingai Robin Samudzi
Data Scientist
Team photo 3501-43354.jpg
Robert Davis
Process Control Systems Engineer
Team photo 3501-43355.jpg
James Carter
Experienced Information Technology Officer

Team photo 3501-44475.jpg
John David Radcliff
IT Professional


  1. 2010
    The SIZE algorithm was successfully tested on CamGrid network at the Cavendish
    Laboratory at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
  1. 2012
    Foundation of Equivalence AG .
  1. 2014
    An ultra-secure file-sharing program based on SIZE technology was introduced at
    "Hack in Paris" where the global hacker community tried to crack the algorithm without
  1. 2015
    The launch of a publicly available version of the BoobookBox for business and
    private users.
  1. March 2018
    Technology has been successfully tested in European cybersecurity
  1. April 2018
    ICO for the global decentralized ultra-secure storage service IDM .
  1. 2019
    Launch of IDM service . Development of the cloud blockchain platform (SaaS) based on SIZE data protection
    technology .
  1. 2019 - 2020
    - Implementation of a marketing strategy for the promotion of the IDM service
    and SIZE technology .
  1. 2020 - 2022
    Development of a decentralized and distributed cloud platform (PaaS) .


Expert photo abishek-mittal-1518341532.jpg

Abishek Mittal - ICO Advisor | ICO Consulting | Project Review |MBA Finance and Strategy |9+ Years of Corporate Experience | Crypto Trading and Investing
Rated on 2018-05-15

Though the vision is strong but it will be difficult to directly take on the established players in Cloud space. They already have very strong presence in the market. The working prototype is available but mass scale adoption will be challenging considering the interest of consumers. The steal is company holds good number of patents in data storage space and execution will be key to success. Tokenomics is not in favor of investors and token seems to be quite expensive.

Team Vision Product
4 5 4

Expert photo dmitry-pshenin-1532230235.jpg

Dmitry Pshenin - Partner crypto fund | Marketing |Blockchain entrepreneur|Fundraise capital |Influencer
Rated on 2018-05-17

A strong team and a product that solves important problems for the blockchain community. Tokenomics is not in favor of investors and token seems to be quite expensive.

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo douglas-lyons-1520773550.jpg

Douglas Lyons - Board Advisor- Early Adoption and Strategic Partnerships
Rated on 2018-05-18

Just another data wallet. why 27mil raise to create. seems excessive.
founders take 9mil...(assuming hard cap is reached) this is very greedy and excessive.
Target audience identified does not bode well for mass adoption.
no social profiles attached to ico listing.
code is not published on github.
the primary benefits from the whitepaper do not indicate any viable ROI to investors.
an excessive raise, a highly competitive space with numerous existing products already, and lack of identified ROI to investors leads me to believe that this is not a good investment.
be very careful, i do not have a good feeling about this project.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo stephan-de-haes-1506859459.jpg

Stephan De Haes - ICO Advisor, Community leader and COO/Co-founder
Rated on 2018-05-27

strong core team with proven track record,ICObench KYC completed.Lots of competition in the space but with a working prototype and patented data protection technology they alread show signs of good potential in the industry.

Team Vision Product
5 4 5

Expert photo joseba-sainz-de-baranda-1520030973.jpg

Joseba Sainz de Baranda - ICO Investor and Advisor | SMOTION Founder| MDes Industrial Product Design | Industrial Engineering Degree
Rated on 2018-05-28

Big players in the cloud storage business (Amazon, Microsoft, IBM) but some advantages provided by IDM. Good point to have an existing product already running from 2015 with 2 thousan. KYC completed and strong social media performance.

Team Vision Product
4 5 5

Expert photo artem-kharchenko-1513686246.jpg

Artem Kharchenko - Advisor, IT entrepreneur, information security expert.
Rated on 2018-06-17

Ambiguous project.
KYC passed, Patents
High competition, A few advisors, Tokenomics, No code in git repository

Let's see what will come out of it.

Team Vision Product
4 4 3

Expert photo jitendra-chittoda-1539070940.jpg

Jitendra Chittoda - Blockchain Security Engineer
Rated on 2018-06-18

They are the researchers and physicist team having experience in security.
Already build quantum resistant security product with their patented technology SIZE. Product is definitely needed as Quantum computers are biggest threat to the blockchain technology. Would like to watch the team and product in future as well.

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo opinder-preet-singh-1529253049.jpg

Opinder Preet Singh - Founder(Blockslab & ZTips) | Smart Contract Development & Auditing | Blockchain Research | White-paper Development & Analysis | ICO Adviso
Rated on 2018-06-18

The SIZE algorithm having patented data protection technology is an amazing USP for this product. Although this space is competitive but their unique vision to market this product with proven track record is something that is very convincing.

PS: This is my personal review. Please do your own research before investing.

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo jeremy-khoo-1535626838.jpg

Jeremy Khoo - Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore
Rated on 2018-09-13

Highly technical project with a strong team to boot. Product makes sense and is poised to solve issues from a commercial viewpoint and also on the Blockchain level, positioning it as a superior cloud data storage solution.

Team Vision Product
4 5 4

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-19

Team Vision Product
0 0 0