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Ico logo grain-io.jpg The Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements
Rating 3.5
Team Vision Product
4 3.1 2.7


Transparent contracts. Drastically reduced overhead costs. And instant payments. Facilitated by Grain’s blockchain solution.

Price 27000 GRAIN = 1 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 0.5 ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 4000 ETH
Hard cap 40000 ETH
Tokens for sale 0
Country Switzerland
Restricted areas Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine — Crimea region, United States, Vanuatu and Yemen
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2018-02-01 00:00:00 2018-03-07 00:00:00 2018-04-16 00:00:00 2018-05-07 00:00:00


GRAIN processes labor contracts on the blockchain and provides an instant payment mechanism for compensating workers. GRAIN reinvents the way we work, and lets workers share in the success of the platform.

The GRAIN blockchain simplifies labor contracts by processing the work agreement through a smart contract. At the same time, the ecosystem introduces a compliant, prompt and fair payment mechanism, all while maintaining full security. The third and final part is the introduction of a digital savings account for workers who are being contracted through the system, which can also be used to pay into pension or for shorter-term needs.

To provide a viable solution for work agreements around the world, GRAIN will be flexible enough to comply with any regulations related to labor. To protect both sides of the transaction, GRAIN’s protocol also contains a special mechanism for handling the potential volatility of cryptocurrency.

Using the GRAIN blockchain opens up possibilities for staffing agencies, payrollers, HR system developers, accounting software and many others. It allows organizations to utilize objectively measurable and transparent labor contracts while substantially lowering overhead costs of work agreements.

In short, GRAIN provides the 100-billion-euro payroll industry (as determined by the annual reports for the top twenty companies) with a transparent, secure and democratic ecosystem for labor by upgrading the existing system to one based on the sharing principle.


Team photo 1712-17537.jpg
René Hendriks
Team photo 1712-17538.jpg
Roberto de Freitas
Team photo 1712-17539.jpg
Temme Sikkema


Team photo 1712-17532.jpg
Onno Hektor
CEO & President of the board
Team photo 1712-17533.jpg
André Bonvanie
Board Member
Team photo 1712-17534.jpg
Erik Koster
Blockchain strategy / Board Member

Team photo 1712-17535.jpg
Arjo van Ramshorst
Founding member
Team photo 1712-17536.jpg
Maurits Elzinga
Founding Member


  1. 2016
    Start of Flexentral with an 500K EUR seed investment.

  1. 2017
    Development of proof of concept solution.
    Release of first public version of the whitepaper.
    Pre-ICO and initiation of Grain Foundation.
  1. Quarter 1, 2018
    Public whitelisting and token sale of Grain tokens.
    First distribution of developer funds.
  1. Quarter 2, 2018
    First public beta of Grain API set.
    Listing on first exchanges. Public release Flexentral.


Expert photo reinhard-berger-1517467650.jpg

Reinhard Berger - CEO Pecunio Blockchain Technologies
Rated on 2018-06-27

This project is a very interesting alternative to the mainstream ICO: Their focus is to disrupt the HR and payroll market. The team has lots of experience in the sector, and the whitepaper shows a clear path how the team will go for their goals

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo vladimir-nikitin-1530028867.jpg

Vladimir Nikitin - ADVISOR | CONSULTANT | EXCHANGES Listing
Rated on 2018-04-22

Team Vision Product
3 2 2

Expert photo anders-larsson-1515471776.jpg

Anders Larsson - Investor and consultant in distributed ledger technologies. Business strategy and CTO profile.
Rated on 2018-05-01

Clarity in communication needs to be improved. It's hard to understand what the project does exactly, what is the target market, how to break into it, what is customer feedback from the private beta, what are the alternative solutions etc. I sense that the answers are there, but it doesn't come across clearly so it should be fairly easy to fix. Maybe hire a communication specialist? Best of luck!

Team Vision Product
4 2 2

Expert photo denis-smirnov-1514954930.jpg

Denis Smirnov - Blockchain Evangelist
Rated on 2018-05-07

Team Vision Product
3 3 2

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-11

Team Vision Product
0 0 0