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Ico logo bartvault.jpg Art Provenance For Ever!
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BARTVault enables artists and art owners to protect their art through encrypted ‘Provenance Tokens’ on the blockchain.

Price 20,000 ATN = 1 ETH
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Minimum investment 0,1 ETH
Soft cap 5,000 ETH
Hard cap 15,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 245000000
Country USA
Restricted areas USA, China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Japan
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2018-04-15 00:00:00 2018-05-15 00:00:00 2018-05-15 00:00:00 2018-06-30 00:00:00


The benefits of BARTVault platform:
• The Art Toujours blockchain Solution is an ‘Art Owner Centric’ solution as opposed to Dealer or Art Gallery centric. The user has complete control of the placement, use, sale and disposition of their art and IP rights.
• Allows Artists and Art owners to timestamp their Assets and create unique cryptographic digital "fingerprints" that can prove their ownership rights.
• Unified but decentralized registry for the authentication of artwork using blockchain technology.
• Each user will be able to instantly scrutinize the art’s ownership record, exhibition record, storage, and condition. They will also be able to see the quantity of duplications and prints that have been made.
• Museums and Galleries have easy access to data (title/description, artist, audio, video and so on) which will automatically be transferred to museums during exhibition of art is it is selected.
• Commissions and transaction fees are dramatically lower than existing models since no brokers and intermediaries are required. Transactions are fast and payments guaranteed.
• Cross-border provenance, sales and transactions are easy and frictionless.
Protection against forgery
• Unified history for each piece of art that will completely eliminate the possibility of forgeries. All elements in said history prior to Tokenization will be verified by a decentralized group of experts, and the art will have a straightforward record.
• The Platform creates the evidence that the provenance for a given work is legitimate; forged art will not have this evidence and the seller of a forged art will not have the ability to transfer the chain of custody and title.
• Prospective buyer gets the assurance the seller has the authority to transfer title that can be easily verified in real-time.
• Provides protections against double spend by tracing path from artist to owner and ensures the uniqueness and that no copies of work were created.
• Image and object recognition features enables users to discover fakes in real time by finding multiple copies alleged to be in existence.
Monetization of knowledge
The Platform will help experts (art historians, critics, and gallery owners, curators) to monetize their knowledge and abilities. They will earn ARISTON TOKENS through moderation, assessment, and attribution of art to rightful creators.
Open API & SDK to Our Platform with Library of Smart Contracts
Our API is open and the SDK enables creation of value added services based on blockchain and smart contracts. Developers will be able to create products and services for the Art blockchain eco-system, be it an Escrow services, or any other financial services such as leases, group purchasing agreements, art time-share agreements, installment purchasing agreements or other services which may be required in the asset crypto eco-system. All participants will be rated by other parties in order to stimulate excellent service provision and fairness.
Smart Contracts
BartVault will implement Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Artists and Art owners will be more incentivized to publish and sell in the Art ecosystem, since in addition to blockchain transparency will provide certainty of the transaction to both the buyer and the seller upon fulfillment of set conditions and contingencies in the sale.
Arbitration and Conflict resolution?
The arbitration features in the Platform will guarantee the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction between the buyer and seller as well resolving conflicts between artists and experts by engaging randomly chosen qualified and approved arbiters. In the event of a dispute, the parties to the transaction may use the arbitration mechanism. The cost of arbitration will be determined by the amount of the transaction. Each arbiter states independent decision and the overall outcome are based on the arbiter’s individual rating and the majority of votes. The funds are returned to the buyer if the transaction is not completed. 


Team photo 2664-29849.jpg
Aurangzeb (Zeb) Bhatti
Co-Founder and CTO
Team photo 2664-29850.jpg
Javed Nawaz
Co-Founder & CEO
Team photo 2664-29851.jpg
Dan Madoni
Sr. Software Architect

Team photo 2664-29852.jpg
Ejaz Anwer
Sr. Software Developer
Team photo 2664-29853.jpg
Lisa Neely
Training & Curriculum Development
Team photo 2664-29854.jpg
Leah Dineen
Project Manager

Team photo 2664-29855.jpg
Abdullah Ahmed
Mobile Applications Lead
Team photo 2664-29856.jpg
Muhammad Awais Chughtai
Platform Development Lead
Team photo 2664-29857.jpg
Charles Miedzinski
Sr. Software Architect

Team photo 2664-29858.jpg
Mudaser Iqbal
Sr. Blockchain Architect
Team photo 2664-29859.jpg
Rosheel Baig
Technical Marketing Lead
Team photo 2664-29860.jpg
Faryal Qazi
Research Analyst

Team photo 2664-29861.jpg
Waqar Ahmed
Lead ICO Business Planner
Team photo 2664-29862.jpg
Junaid Mushtaq
Sr. Blockchain Engineer
Team photo 2664-29863.jpg
Nasir Mehmood
Software Architect


Team photo 2664-29864.jpg
Faizah Bhatti
Team photo 2664-29865.jpg
Bert-Ola Bergstrand
Team photo 2664-29866.jpg
Antoinette Matlins

Team photo 2664-29867.jpg
Noreen Khan
Team photo 2664-29868.jpg
Robin Kennedy
Team photo 2664-29869.jpg
Naveed Malik

Team photo 2664-29870.jpg
Sarah Hameed
Team photo 2664-29871.jpg
Mary Ann Burns
Team photo 2664-29872.jpg
Kathryn Bonanno

Team photo 2664-29873.jpg
Hilda Khurram
Team photo 2664-29874.jpg
Roger Boman
Team photo 2664-29875.jpg
Doug Cabell

Team photo 2664-29876.jpg
Jennifer-Lynn Archuleta
Team photo 2664-29877.jpg
Saeed Akhtar


  1. Q1 2018
    Launching the token pre-sale.
    Launch of token crowdsale (ICO) and listing on a top exchange.
  1. Q2 2018
    Release of BARTVault features to enable art owners to register and upload art.
  1. Q3 2018
    Release of Beta BART/APIs for partner services network- Print, Photo labs, Framing, Storage services. Implementing the mechanisms of arbitration.
  1. Q4 2018
    Implementation of additional smart contract features of (a) leasing art for a specific period of time (b) purchasing artwork on an 'installment plan'. Implementation of community governance mechanisms.
  1. Q1 2019
    Implementation of additional smart contract features: (a) enabling a group of people to own shares in art on a ‘timeshare’ basis (b) implement Shares in Art (SIA) features to Provenir Tokens.
  1. Q2 2019
    Release of Beta of ‘Enhancements Framework’ to our Technology Platform to test transition of appropriate fully decentralized services managed and operated by the BARTVault user community.
  1. Q3 2019
    Release of Reputation portability to allow experts / appraisers and other participants to certify their BARTVault reputation to other services using Blockchain technology.
  1. Q4 2019
    Mobile Blockchain applications with Decentralized exchanges (subject to successful launch of projects such as EtherDelta, EthFinex, Lykke, OmiseGo, KyberNetwork, VariabL etc.)


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