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Ico logo aragon.jpg Create value without borders or intermediaries
Rating 1.9
Team Vision Product
3.9 4.3 3.4


Aragon lets you manage entire organizations using the blockchain.

Token ANT
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Tokens for sale 0
Country Spain
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n/a n/a 2017-05-17 00:00:00 2017-05-17 00:00:00


Firms or companies exist in order to create value by using resources to create products or provide services.

However, intermediaries and third parties such as governments decrease the output of those organizations by imposing restrictions and creating complex regulatory frameworks.

Aragon was born to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of companies and other organizational structures.

We were very inspired by Nobel prize Ronald Coase and his amazing paper The Nature of the Firm and Yochai Benkler's Linux and the Nature of the Firm. Both explore the concept of company.

We believe that the blockchain and the Internet are changing the incentives for companies to exist, and we are building tools for the next generation of companies that will take advantage of these changes.



Team photo 390-3230.jpg
Luis Cuende
Project Lead
Team photo 390-3231.jpg
Jorge Izquierdo
Tech Lead



Expert photo gerard-paul-s-netro-1537946585.jpg

Gerard Paul S. Netro - Startup Business Developer
Rated on 2017-09-29

Team Vision Product
4 5 5

Expert photo miguel-prados-rodrguez-1516636363.jpg

Miguel Prados Rodríguez - Expert in ethical finance
Rated on 2018-03-19

Aragon has an impressive team of young and talented programmers behind it and they have managed to surround themselves with good advisors. They have a very transparent structure of production and software development. Your product already has a demo that is not yet operational but seems quite advanced. The business they pursue is ambitious and transformative, tokenizing companies.

Team Vision Product
5 5 4

Expert photo viktor-tabori-1514581142.jpg

Viktor Tabori - Co-founder, CTO
Rated on 2018-03-22

Team Vision Product
2 3 2

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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-26

Team Vision Product
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