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Ico logo angel-token.jpg The Altcoin Investment Platform
Rating 2.6
Team Vision Product
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Angel Token allows you to create wealth in the crypto markets, rather than being a passive investor.

Token Angel Token
Price 1 Angel Token = 0.00079 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%
Tokens for sale 70000000
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-11-27 00:00:00 2017-12-19 23:59:00


Our main long-term overall objective is to invest in undervalued cryptocurrencies and assets and to continually grow the Angel Token crypto investment portfolio in value, as well as make regular dividend payments in Ethereum to Angel Token investors.


We will build a substantial portfolio of investments in cryptocurrencies/assets by our experts working together with the Angel Token Investment Community to identify cryptocurrencies/assets that have great potential but may not be as widely recognized as they should be. The Angel Foundation Team of designers, web developers, programmers and online marketers will work together with the community and stakeholders in these cryptocurrency/assets to enhance their branding, offer, public awareness, website, wallet, offer technical expertise etc. in return for a holding in these cryptocurrencies/assets.


The essence of Angel Token is its community spirit. Investing in cryptocurrencies and ICO's and making good investment returns is challenging. We are offering a chance to collaborate with other people with similar interest, all working towards the same goal of identifying and evaluating undervalued crypto assets. Our expert team and our investment community can then work together with the founders and community of those crypto assets we identify, to enhance their value in the marketplace. Together we get to benefit from everyone's joint investment expertise, as well as the power of combined capital, in sometimes thinly traded assets, working together to maximise profits for all community members.


You can invest in the Angel Token ICO knowing that there is an immutable Ethereum Smart Contract protecting the bulk of your Ethereum investment. During the first 5 months you can be involved in the community and talk to the Founders, and see the initial investments and trades being made with the Ethereum raised, as well as benefit from any potential price increases of Angel Token as it gets listed on the exchanges. If, for any reason during the first 5 months, you wish to no longer be involved, then as an ICO investor you can return your tokens. You will receive back up to 80% of the invested Ether amount, (80% during the first 100 days and 40% during the next 50 days). These refunds are immediate and automatically handled by our immutable smart contract. So as an Angel Token ICO investor there is very little downside risk, and a huge potential upside. Angel Token has an innovative Smart Contract Refund Guarantee (which is automatic and immutable) for the first 5 months from the ICO. We have gone through extensive efforts to ensure the Smart Contract is properly audited by third parties and through a rigorous bug hunt. The contract has been audited by one of the top developers in the world and can be viewed on the website and Bitcointalk thread. The contract is also available for inspection on GitHub.


  1. 2004
    Team Unites
    Angel Token founders start working together and create a successful marketing business.
  2. 2010
    First $5 million profit made
    Angel token team have grown to a team of 12 expert developers, programmers, designers and online marketing experts and total team net profits now stands at +$5 million.
  3. 2011
    First Bitcoins bought by team members
    The Angel Token founders first started investing in Bitcoin
  4. 2014
    Started mining bitcoin and other crypto currencies
    Actively started trading altcoins for profit – 2016
  5. March 2017
    Founder team agrees to launch ICO for altcoin trading
    The team have now successfully traded altcoins for several months and understand the huge potential of having large funds available for controlling the market of small to medium size coins. Team agrees to launch ICO by Quarter 4 2017.
  6. September 2017
    Token and Smart Contract Development Finalized
    After several months development the plan for the Angel Token is finalized and all Ethereum smart contracts are ready for final review.
  7. October 2017
    Recruitment and Team Building
    We have hired 6 more staff to assist with the ICO and particularly the investment research. We will be confident in investing the money raised, as soon as it is available.
  8. November 10th 2017
    Pre-announcement for the Angel Token ICO done
    A special day where we give the first details of this ICO to the world. Potential investors are able to communicate with the team directly (on Slack and from this date and can review all documentation and code for themselves.
  9. November 16th 2017
    Solidity Audit & Bug Hunt
    We have published our smart contract online for inspection. It is also about to be reviewed and audited by several independent top Solidity developers.
    Link to the letter signed by the official auditor, Anthony Akentiev
  10. November 27th 2017
    ICO Starts
    Investors have 20 days ONLY to make investments and limited to 31,150 Ether in total, before ICO closes. First day bonus tokens amount to 690%.
  11. December 19th 2017
    ICO Closes
    The ICO ends at midnight, or before December 19th if all tokens already sold. No further tokens ever possible to be minted again.
  12. December 21st 2017
    Investment Management Begins
    Our private investment community opens it's doors to all Angel Token investors holding 10,000 tokens or more. This is where REAL investment secrets and opportunities are revealed and discussed!
  13. Early January 2018
    First trades and investments will be made after extensive research and evaluation has been carried out and discussions with the Angel Token Investment Community have concluded.
  14. January 23rd 2018
    First Dividend Declaration Day
    On January 23rd 2018 Angel Token will make its first divident decalaration. It is unlikely that there will be a dividend declared on this date, even if a few profitable trades and investments have been concluded.
  15. January to March 2018
    Multiple trades and investments will be made after extensive research and evaluation has been carried out and discussions with the Angel Token Investment Community have concluded. It is expected that the Angel Token team and investment community will be working on and promoting numerous altcoins and crypto investments.
  16. March 7th 2018
    First (100 Day) Refund Period Ends
    Angel Token ICO Investors are protected and may request the return of up to 80% of their Ether invested up until this date if they are not happy with the performance of the Angel Token team of the return on investment and price development of Angel Token, or if they for any other reason would like their invested Ether back. This refund ability is hard-coded into the immutable Angel Token smart contract.
  17. April 23rd 2018
    Second Dividend Declaration Day
    On April 23rd 2018 Angel Token will make its second divident declaration. The dividend will then be paid in Ether, 7 days later on April 30th 2018, to any Angel Token investor holding more than 10,000 tokens in a private wallet (not an exchange wallet).
  18. April 26th 2018
    Second (50 Day) Refund Period Ends
    Investors have had from March 7th 2018, up until the end of this date, to request the return of up to 40% of their Ether invested during the Angel Token ICO. This refund ability is hard-coded into the immutable Angel Token smart contract.
  19. April to June 2018
    Multiple Investments And Liquidations
    During the 2nd quarter of 2018 we expect to have been invested in a number of interesting and profitable altcoins and crypto assets for some time, and by this time we hope to be able to liquidate some of the profits made in order to pay healthy dividends to our investors.


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Dr. Rex Yeap - IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
Rated on 2018-05-10

1. Pg 37 of the whitepaper states "The team behind Angel Token has decided to stay anonymous for this ICO." This is the biggest red flag to me.

2. Would have given Vision score 5, but is dragged down to 2 because of the anonymous team.

3. Product score is also dragged down due to anonymous team.

4. Several other unusual points in the whitepaper as well.

5. Sad.

Team Vision Product
1 2 2

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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-10

Team Vision Product
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