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Ico logo alphathereum.jpg Ethereum Mining
Rating 2.7
Team Vision Product
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Give investors the opportunity to own shares in an Ethereum mine.

Token ATH
Price 1 ATH = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Minimum investment 1 ATH
Tokens for sale 9999999
Country United Arab Emirates
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-10-01 00:00:00 2017-11-30 00:00:00


Alphathereum is a crypto-currency mining company which operates in United Arab Emirates with future expansions in the Middle East.

We currently concentrate on mining Ethereum, which is currently the second largest crypto-currency (+$20 Billion market cap) and has potential for much more growth in the upcoming years.

Mining for each individual can become non-profitable therefore we offer shares in our mine and monthly Ethereum dividends to all shareholders.

Our aim is to provide investor with a simple low cost solution to enter into the crypto mining industry.


Team photo 2995-33471.jpg
Mohamed Gani


  1. September 2017
  1. December 2017
    Set up of miners complete
    Alphathereum Coin tradable on the exchange
  1. January 2018
    Mining operations begin
  1. February 2018
    Stackeholders recieve first monthly dividend
    Expantions of mining begins


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Rated on 2018-10-18

Team Vision Product
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