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Ico logo alphamarket.jpg Online Cryptocurrency Hypermarket
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Team Vision Product
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AlphaMarket is a trading platform that allows you to pay for goods with cryptocurrency.

Token AMC
Price 1 AMC = 0.000072 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 48000 ETH
Tokens for sale 600000000
Country Estonia
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n/a n/a 2018-04-16 00:00:00 2018-10-01 00:00:00


The main idea of the AlphaMarket is to create a decentralized self-sufficient community where users can make their own decisions without involving traditional centralized institutions.
The mission of the platform is that each user can independently cope with the purchase and sale of goods for cryptocurrency. There is no solution on the market that lets decentralized commerce be fully developed.

Features of the AlphaMarket platform:

• A convenient platform for all market participants
• Can be used by both companies and individuals
• Free placing of products
• Ability to exchange currency directly on the platform
• Minimum commissions and time for the operation
• International format
• 24/7 Support
• Wide and convenient functionality
• Detailed sales analytics
• Advertising support of business
• Payment with popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.)
• Transparent feedback system
• Motivating rating system
• Access to international markets
• Tools for communicating with customers and financial reporting
• Payment for services of the site and goods with AMC tokens at a promo price
• Cashback when paying with AMC tokens


Team photo 3155-35767.jpg
Dmitry Ivanov
CEO, co-founder, creator and mastermind of Alpha Market.
Team photo 3155-35778.jpg
Alexander Moryakhin
Co-founder of Alpha Market
Team photo 3155-35780.jpg
Igor Pshenitsyn
Developer of the AlphaMarket Smart contract.

Team photo 3155-35782.jpg
Irina Komarova
Art director
Team photo 3155-35783.jpg
Lyudmila Ivanova
Marketing Expert
Team photo 3155-35785.jpg
Mikhail Kudryakov
Content manager

Team photo 3155-35786.jpg
Dmitry Kaznov
Software engineer, Front End Developer
Team photo 3155-35787.jpg
Stanislav Malkov
Software engineer
Team photo 3155-35789.jpg
Nadezhda Popova


  1. 4 QUARTER 2016
    Market research.
    Development of the trading platform concept.
    Development of a trading platform prototype site.
    Design-project of the trading platform.
    Getting Started on Whitepaper.
  1. 3 QUARTER 2017
    Development of the first version of the store.
    General goods catalog.
    Seller account registration.
    Creating product cards.
    Buyer account registration.
    Functionality development of the goods purchasing process.
    Basic trading functionality.
    The demo version testing.
  1. 4 QUARTER 2017
    Involvement of start-up capital for ICO preparation.
    Smart contract creation for ICO.
    Completion of Whitepaper.
    Creating a site for ICO.
  1. 1 QUARTER 2018
    Token sale active marketing company.
    Project presentation to investors.
    Token sale completion.
    Listing a token on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  1. 2 QUARTER 2018
    Reception of payments in cryptocurrency.
    Internal cryptocurrency exchange and multi-currency wallet.
  1. 3 QUARTER 2018
    Search: Filtering, sorting, comparison.
    Product Card.
    Order and payment.
    Shopping Cart.
    Customer / seller personal account.
    Cashback System.
    Services for product promotion.
  1. 4 QUARTER 2018
    System of internal communication between buyer and seller.
    Payment functionality.
    Support Module.
    Disputes resolutions.
    Security module.
    Rating system.
  1. 1 QUARTER 2019
    Adaptation for mobile devices.
    Development of the mobile application.
    Storage of registered users database.
  1. 2 QUARTER 2019
    Tools for effective promotion.
    Localization to additional languages.
    Entering the markets of other countries.
  1. 1 QUARTER 2020
    The release of the final version of the product.


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Team Vision Product
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