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Ico logo all-of-art.jpg Search Engine All Of Art, Based on a Neuronet
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All Of Art — is a non-profit decentralized web-platform for artists.

Token AOA
Price 1 AOA = 1 USD
Platform Waves
Type Waves
Distributed in ICO 70%
Tokens for sale 14000000
Country Mexico
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2018-04-02 00:00:00 n/a


The machines are now responsible for many processes, which before people used to be responsible for. Moreover, they do it better. A neuronet is one of the realizations of artificial intelligence (AI). In the science of artificial intelligence exist a special area - machine learning. It studies methods of designing algorithms, which are able to learn independently. This is necessary when there is no clear way to solve some problem. In this case, it is easier to create a mechanism that will invent a method to find the solution.

The majority of contemporary search engines use machine learning methods to show the best results in the beginning of the list.

All Of Art platform will realize a strategy of "one window" for artists who will be presented on All Of Art platform and wish to actively promote their works in social network. Social aggregator will work by principle of one client in all known social networks.

Any artist presented on All Of Art platform will be able to authorize all his accounts from different social networks in the social aggregator and receive notifications from all the authorized social networks in one place.

The algorithms of social aggregator will look independently for the author being mentioned in the social networks and notify the author. This way the everyday maintenance of reputation in social networks will become much easier.

The instruments of publications are also provided. After publishing a new painting on All Of Art platform, the author will get an opportunity to publish it in social network accounts, which were authorized in the social aggregator.

The artists will be able to sell their works directly from the platform. All Of Art platform is a non-profit organization, it will not demand any margins from transactions or sales.

As the sales are direct from the artist to the customer, the price for paintings and other pieces of art will always be competitive, which is profitable for the seller as well as for the customer. At least they do not have to pay a marge, which is included in the price for other artworks published by other artists on typical online marketplaces.

The platform will be a business incubator for the creators of art. Artists all over the world who cannot afford access to huge international marketplaces yet, will get form All Of Art an access to a multimillion audience. It will offer to millions of customers only of a kind paintings and pieces of art by local and aspiring artists who are not presented on other platforms.
The possibility of using other cryptocurrencies for a deal between a seller and a buyer will be considered separately, on the base of market situation and demand for a certain cryptocurrency. All of Art platform is very flexible and permits to easily introduce any new kinds of cryptocurrency.

Shipping of paintings will be conducted by a partner company of All Of Art all over the world.


Team photo 2656-28823.jpg
Valery Kholodov
Team photo 2656-28824.jpg
Julia Shevchenko
Marketing officer
Team photo 2656-28825.jpg
Marketing manager
Max Konovalov

Team photo 2656-28826.jpg
Anna Vdovichenko
PR manager
Team photo 2656-28827.jpg
Ilya Sebentsov
Team photo 2656-28828.jpg
German Collins
Security manager

Team photo 2656-28829.jpg
Manuel Avila Guerrero
Financial advisor
Team photo 2656-28830.jpg
Omar Ivan Baqueiro Álvarez
Legal advisor


  1. Q4, 2017
    The idea of the project. Involvement of advisors and funding for carrying out a crowdfunding campaign.
  1. Q1-Q2, 2018
    Fund-raising for finance development and launching of the marketplace by selling AllOfArt tokens.
  1. Q2-Q3, 2018
    Development of the alfa-version of the platform, attraction of artists.
  1. Q4, 2018
    Go-live of a public beta-version of the project.
  1. Q1, 2019
    Go-live of the platform.
  1. Q2, 2019
    Development of decentralized system based on an open blockchain technology for the management of the platform by artists.
  1. Q3, 2019
    Testing of decentralized system, preparation for the transfer of platform management to authors of works of art.
  1. Q4, 2019
    Transferring control of the platform to the artists.


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Team Vision Product
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