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Ico logo allpublicart.jpg Making History In The Global Art Market
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All Public Art disrupts the art market with a P2P trading platform utilizing blockchain to eliminate counterfeiting and intermediary price manipulation.

Token APA
Price 1 APA = 0.075 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Tokens for sale 0
Country USA
Restricted areas None
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All Public Art aims to create a thriving community of people who purchase and sell art with the advantages of blockchain technology.

Fundamental Features of All Public Art

Simple Communication: With the aid of blockchain technology, smart contracts are autonomously proposed and communicated. The seller/buyer can entrust the conclusion of the deal to the technology, instead of a third party. 

Transparency: While the identities of the artist and collector remain private, all other details of the transaction are made public and cannot be manipulated by any person or organization.

Security: The system will only allow the unique IDs of the artist and collector to be traced, while their personal information remains anonymous. This aids in the security of the transaction and allows other potential collectors to view the history of the artwork.

Empowering Art Enthusiasts: By giving power back to the artists, their dependency on intermediaries is removed. This will enable each party to conduct their own fair transactions.

A Supportive Community: With AllPublicArt tokens, art enthusiast will be able to gift tokens to their favorite artists as a show of support. The tokens can then be traded by artists for art materials or supplies on All Public Art.

All Public Art is Dedicated to 6 Goals:

  • Support artists, sellers, collectors and consumers that trade art;
  • Reduce counterfeit art in the market through modern identification methods and blockchain tracking technologies;
  • Enable transparent, publicly auditable transactions between artists, sellers, collectors and consumers through blockchain technologies;
  • Increase the quality of the trade process by eliminating the role of the intermediary;
  • Leverage new and exciting technology to help artists;
  • Connect the global community of people who love art.


Team photo 3523-40728.jpg
Graham Goddard
Founder | CEO
Team photo 3523-40730.jpg
Gustavo Guimarães
Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer
Team photo 3523-40731.jpg
Sabyasachi Saha
CTO | Software Engineer

Team photo 3523-40732.jpg
Rishan Bhagowat
Market Maker | Token Sale Architect
Team photo 3523-40733.jpg
Tineke Zwart
Public Relations
Team photo 3523-40734.jpg
Alisha Bhagowat
Token Sale Operations Manager

Team photo 3523-40735.jpg
Cassandra W. Borchers
Legal Counsel
Team photo 3523-40736.jpg
Justin Wu
Growth Marketer
Team photo 3523-40737.jpg
Sommer Sherwood
Brand Ambassador

Team photo 3523-40738.jpg
Michael Slater
Public Relations
Team photo 3523-40739.jpg
Lauren Slade
Brand Ambassador


Team photo 3523-40741.jpg
Sheldon Inwentash
Team photo 3523-40742.jpg
Kent Twitchell
Team photo 3523-40743.jpg
James P. Jalil

Team photo 3523-40744.jpg
Brad Bulent Yasar
Team photo 3523-40746.jpg
Gregory Rocco
Team photo 3523-40747.jpg
Chad Anderson


  1. 2015-2016
    Website platform and mobile application (Android & iOS) development
  1. 2017
    Legal structure and implementation of marketing strategy, advisory board selection, Smart Contract coding and auditing, token sale website development, and private pre-sale
  1. 2018 Q1-Q2
    Public Pre-sale and Token Sale, Talent recruitment for key positions, All Public Art community development, marketing AllPublicArt token in main stream media and in the global art community
  1. 2018 Q3-4
    Launch AllPublicArt token on the APA platform, deploy international marketing plan, launch of special marketing strategies for international art markets, business growth opportunities in Middle East and Europe, regulatory framework compliance
  1. 2019
    Commercializing on an international level, increase the trading volume of the APA platform with additional functionality and user engagement, launch market specific sales and marketing campaigns , business growth opportunities in mature markets: US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, B2B Expansion Strategy for art galleries and art organizations
  1. 2020
    Increasing market share, acquisitions and expansions, further APA marketplace development, broaden the use of AllPublicArt token in the art market, cultivate strategic partnerships in the art world, strengthened APA Community


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Team Vision Product
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