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Rating 1.9
Team Vision Product
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Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

Platform Ethereum
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Country USA
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For each block of transactions, Algorand randomly selects a small, one-time group of users in a safe and fair way. To protect them from attackers, the identities of these users are hidden until the block is confirmed. The size of this group remains constant as the network grows.


Team photo 3633-42667.jpg
Silvio Micali
Team photo 3633-42668.jpg
Naveed Ihsanullah
Team photo 3633-42669.jpg
Nickolai Zeldovich

Team photo 3633-42670.jpg
Jing Chen
Team photo 3633-42671.jpg
Sergey Gorbunov
Team photo 3633-42672.jpg
Rotem Hemo

Team photo 3633-42673.jpg
Georgios Vlachos
Team photo 3633-42674.jpg
Derek Leung
Team photo 3633-42675.jpg
David Shoots

Team photo no-image.jpg
Adam Suhl
Team photo 3633-42677.jpg
Jamie Goldstein
Team photo 3633-42678.jpg
Albert Wenger

Team photo 3633-42679.jpg
Steven Kokinos


Team photo 3633-42680.jpg
Andrew Lo
Team photo 3633-42681.jpg
Christian Catalini
Team photo 3633-42682.jpg
Kenneth Rogoff

Team photo 3633-42683.jpg
Shafi Goldwasser
Team photo 3633-42684.jpg
Costantinos Daskalakis
Team photo 3633-42685.jpg
Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Team photo 3633-42686.jpg
Maurice Herlihy
Team photo 3633-42687.jpg
Naval Ravikant
Team photo 3633-42688.jpg
Alessandro Chiesa

Team photo 3633-42689.jpg
Joseph Bonneau
Team photo 3633-42690.jpg
Jill Carlson



Expert photo sbastien-bergs-1531825254.jpg

Sébastien Bergès - ICO advisor - Blockchain investor
Rated on 2018-08-02

Algorand is a new cryptocurrency utilizing a “Byzantine Agreement on Steroids” consensus protocol that proposes a solution for blockchain scalability, long transaction confirmation times, and the high energy consumption with Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains.

Thanks to their new consensus, they promise to achieve 125x the transaction throughput of Bitcoin. A test prototype is already live.

Team is impressive, especially with the presence of Silvio Micali as Founder, who is an awarded academic profile, pioneer of cryptography and consensus mechanisms. Silvio is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science), of the Goedel Prize (in theoretical computer science) and the RSA prize (in cryptography).

The only issue with this project are the token metrics that seem to higher than average. Nonetheless, given the potential of technology behind Algorand, this is not a major problem.

Team Vision Product
5 4 5

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-19

Team Vision Product
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