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Ico logo akaiito.jpg Use Your Cryptocurrency in Your Every Day Life
Rating 3.5
Team Vision Product
3.7 3.4 3.1


Akaiito is platform, which will give an opportunity to use cryptocurrency in every day life.

Token AIC
Price 1 AIC = 0.001 ETH
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum investment 5AIC or 0,005ETH
Distributed in ICO 75%
Soft cap 1 250 ETH
Hard cap 25 000 ETH
Tokens for sale 22
Country Estonia
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2018-02-12 00:00:00 2018-02-25 00:00:00 2018-03-13 10:00:00 2018-05-16 10:00:00


Akaiito - use of cryptocurrency in Your everyday life!

● P2P platform with C2C business model.
● Including 4 categories: Online Market, Rent,
Services and Online Market.
● Base for all the deals: Smart Contract.
● Currency for all the deals: cryptocurrency - AIC
● Review and score system both for sellers and buyer.
● Safe shopping. QR code scanning will be required
from buyer as confirmation of the deal. This action
will release vested in smart contract purchase
tokens and send them to seller. No delivery - no


Team photo 1951-20383.jpg
Sergey Brek
Team photo 1951-20384.jpg
Katja Krolova
Team photo 1951-20385.jpg
Denis Kanavin

Team photo 1951-20386.jpg
Vladislav Garbuzenko
Lead Developer
Team photo 1951-20387.jpg
Serhii Yelchenko
Team photo 1951-20388.jpg
Aleksandr Rakutin

Team photo 1951-20389.jpg
Zahar Deina
Team photo 1951-20390.jpg
Ksenia Deina
Team photo 1951-20391.jpg
Dmitriy Polozkov

Team photo 1951-20392.jpg
Eduard Shultzik
Team photo 1951-20393.jpg
Andrei Tšerednik
Team photo 1951-20394.jpg
Muhammad Netto

Team photo 1951-20395.jpg
Tamara Bazylko
Team photo 1951-20396.jpg
Alexandr Karmyzov
Team photo 1951-24120.jpg
Francesco Redaelli

Team photo 1951-24123.jpg
Deniss Boroditš
Team photo 1951-24125.jpg
Thibault Launay
Team photo 1951-24126.jpg
Romain Girbal

Team photo 1951-24127.jpg
Victor Chow
Team photo 1951-24129.jpg
Filip Poutintsev


  1. February, 2017
    Market Research.
  1. June, 2017
  1. November, 2017
    System build up.
  1. February, 2018
  1. February, 2018
  1. March, 2018
    BETA Version of online market.
  1. July, 2018
    Full BETA version.
  1. December, 2018
    Platform release.


Expert photo karavaev-1512904655.jpg

Igor Karavaev - ico advisor and investor
Rated on 2018-04-28

Team Vision Product
3 3 3

Expert photo mofassair-hossain-1524759413.jpg

Mofassair Hossain - CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on 2018-03-09

I update my rating team is showing great work and they take some good advisors and working hard. Best of luck team.

No advisor on team .... few information about marketing

Team Vision Product
5 4 4

Expert photo toomas-allmere-1514020558.jpg

Toomas Allmere - Co-Founder at the Crypto BrainTrust Syndicate (CBTS) - cbtrust.co
Rated on 2018-02-14

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are created to control additional unit creation, confirm transfer of numerous activities and also to guarantee business. Any business, in turn, develops and enhances their services if it is to survive. Nowadays one of the main developing trends is to include blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the business turnover. As traditional paper money is steadily rendered obsolete, the digital payment methods step in and a certain medium of users would be willing to pay with crypto. More and more market place projects are showing up. Akaiito is a new but rapidly growing project of a decentralized platform, which will unite many life spheres into one and make them available only by one click - online market, car and apartment rent, services/jobs, online map giving an opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life. The AIC token will be used as a medium of exchange and other cryptocurrencies will be automatically transferred to AIC token. The AKAIITO platform will be available not only on your computer but also on your phone, which makes the platform comfortable, flexible and easy to use. In order to use the platform safely, there will be an ability to review transactions - each customer can influence the reputation of another, leaving a response or evaluation after closing a deal. A commision for using the AKAIITO platform is 3%, 1% of which will be returned to the customer by a cashback system. A loyalty program (Friends Bonus) is included in the AKAIITO platform as well.
Although the AKAIITO idea is not new, there is a clearly defined and understood business model. WP is well-written, but the technical side needs to be explained in more detail. For example, all transactions run through the AIC token but I couldn’t find any info regarding how the other crypto or fiat cash will exchange to AIC token and vice-versa. What is the transaction mechanism? Moreover, a large number of small change transactions can result in a system overload. The WP is offered in different languages like Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French and a few others. It is noteworthy that there is a link in the website to the Smart Contract page at Github. The site presents a core team of 14 experienced people, plus 2 advisors. I could find no evidence that the team has technical and blockchain technology capabilities, expertise and experience required to succeed. At least half of the points of the project are technical, but I see only a few technical members. The project is backed by a community in the Telegram chat (more than 1700 participants), Twitter (more than 1600 followers), Facebook (around 13,000 followers). There is an active thread in the Bitcointalk forum. All in all quite an interesting project and let us see what will come out of it.

Team Vision Product
3 4 3

Expert photo artem-kharchenko-1513686246.jpg

Artem Kharchenko - Advisor, IT entrepreneur, information security expert.
Rated on 2018-02-15

The project would be interesting if not the lack of advisors and a small blockchain competence of team members.

Team Vision Product
3 3 3

Expert photo douglas-lyons-1520773550.jpg

Douglas Lyons - Board Advisor- Early Adoption and Strategic Partnerships
Rated on 2018-03-11

Team appears strong in dev and market, weak in ico advisory specific. Idea is not new, but seems to offer full suite of services. Full Beta yet to be released, product not available until December.

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo ilya-anikin-1519839805.jpg

Ilya Anikin - Business strategy, investment deals, investor relations
Rated on 2018-04-03

The company must create a demanded product and then it can become popular. Here it is assumed that the product will become popular and this popularity, allowing the use of the token in a variety of ways, will be the main product of the company.

This will not happen. Always the opposite. First the product, then the popularity.

Team Vision Product
4 3 2

Expert photo david-drake-1515152202.jpg

David Drake - Managing Partner
Rated on 2018-04-10

Team Vision Product
3 4 4

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-17

Team Vision Product
0 0 0