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Ico logo airbloc.jpg Decentralized Personal Data Protocol
Rating 3.3
Team Vision Product
3.3 2.8 2.9


AIRBLOC is a decentralized personal data protocol where individuals would be able to monetize their data, and advertisers would be able to buy these data.

Token ABL
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 ABL
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 0.5 ETH
Distributed in ICO 55%
Soft cap 7,000 ETH
Hard cap 20,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 221450000
Country Singapore
Restricted areas USA, North Korea, China
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2018-05-21 12:00:00 2018-05-29 09:00:00 2018-06-19 12:00:00 2018-06-29 09:00:00


Airbloc is a blockchain-based, decentralized and transparent ad data trading network and a DAPP.

Here’s how it works. When a user submits data directly to Airbloc Main Client Service, the advertiser pays fee to the user group who are likely to purchase their product and buy interests data from Airbloc Main Marketplace. Also, to the individual users who are exposed to ad campaigns, rewards will be given.

How simple is it? Users as an original provider to ‘interests data’ can regain their data rights, and advertisers can now make improved targeted ads with accuracy based on both direct and indirect data types. This interests data is not legally violated if you have already paid for its value and transferred data ownership. Therefore, advertisers have the legal freedom to use this data. The increased flexibility of data utilization allows advertisers to do all sorts of testing to maximize effectiveness for targeted ads.

To collect data with reliability, Airbloc continuously validates the credibility of each user, the data providers. Personal information, survey responses, and behavioral data are used for credit score computation and bigger reward will be given to users with high credit ratings. Directly collected personal interests data that are below certain credit limit cannot be sold on Main Marketplace.

In Airbloc, ads can become a useful piece of information, not a noise. This is because users can configure types of ads to be viewed and not to be viewed on Airbloc’s Main Client Service. Based on users’ preference configured, Airbloc ecosystem will allow a transparent trading of both data and ad exposures.

Airbloc will issue 'ABL tokens' as means to buy and sell data and ad exposures. This token can be used as a compensation to reward individual users, the data suppliers, and can also be a means of payment to the data consumers. The initial token is based on the ERC20 standard which initially runs on Ethernet main network, and these purchased tokens can later be exchanged for tokens on Airbloc’s own network.


Team photo 3112-34918.jpg
Sungpil Nam
CEO & Co-founder
Team photo 3112-34919.jpg
Wonkyung Lyu
Dev Team Lead & Co-founder
Team photo 3112-34920.jpg
Hunjae Jung
Back-end Part Lead & Co-founder

Team photo 3112-34921.jpg
Naeun Kim
Design Team Lead PM & Co-founder
Team photo 3112-34922.jpg
Hyojun Kim
Blockchain Software Engineer
Team photo 3112-34923.jpg
Byeongsu Hong
Blockchain Software Engineer

Team photo 3112-34924.jpg
Woojung Kim
Front-end Part Lead
Team photo 3112-34925.jpg
Jaewan Lee
Mobile Software Engineer
Team photo 3112-34926.jpg
Chanhee Lee
Front-end Software Engineer

Team photo 3112-34927.jpg
Yunseop Song
Back-end Software Engineer
Team photo 3112-34928.jpg
Seonggun Ahn
Customer Growth Part Lead
Team photo 3112-34929.jpg
Hyungchul Park
Back-end Software Engineer

Team photo 3112-34930.jpg
Jinwook Jo
QA Engineer
Team photo 3112-34931.jpg
Juhong Jung
Back-end Software Engineer
Team photo 3112-34932.jpg
Jinyoung Seok
Mobile Software Engineer

Team photo 3112-34933.jpg
Hotaek Won
UI Designer
Team photo 3112-34934.jpg
Jaemoon Lee
Customer Growth Manager
Team photo 3112-34935.jpg
Yongwon Choi
Business Growth Manager

Team photo 3112-34936.jpg
Sungho Song
Back-end Software Engineer
Team photo 3112-34937.jpg
Hyungmin Kim
Brand Designer
Team photo 3112-34938.jpg
Kyoungmin Jung
Mobile Part Lead


Team photo 3112-34939.jpg
Louis Jinhwa Kim
Serial Entrepreneur & Blockchain Evangelist
Team photo 3112-34940.jpg
Jason Han
CEO, Kakao Blockchain Subsidiary
Team photo 3112-34941.jpg
Sungjae Hwang
Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Evangelist

Team photo 3112-34942.jpg
Sean Lee
Digital Transformation Strategist and Investor
Team photo 3112-34943.jpg
Seo Wooseok
Data-driven Technical Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker
Team photo 3112-34944.jpg
Ken J. Kim
Ken J. Kim

Team photo 3112-34945.jpg
Timothy Yang
Chief Strategy Officer, 42 Media Corp.


  1. November, 2015
    Establishment of a Search Engine Company - Where our Research Journey on Big Data Started.
  1. July, 2016
    Changed Orientation towards an Ad-Tech Company - The Beginning of Massive Data Collection.
  1. June, 2017
    A People-based Analytics and R&D for Technology.
  1. October, 2017
    New Business Development on DMP and Blockchain.
  1. March, 2018
    Publication of White Paper and Pre-Sale of DMP Token.
  1. June, 2018
    Release of AIRBLOC Network Test Net.
  1. September, 2018
    Release of AIRBLOC Pilot Version.
  1. 1Q, 2019
    [AIRBLOC Network Milestone 0] Release of AIRBLOC v1.0 Phase 1: Transaction of direct and/or indirect interest data (Ad Data Network).
  1. 1Q, 2019
    [AIRBLOC Network Milestone 1].
  1. 2Q, 2019
    [AIRBLOC Network Milestone 2] Release of AIRBLOC Network v2.0 Phase 2: Advertiser-led Campaigns (Ad Data Network + Ad Network).


Expert photo michael-williamson-1511229984.jpg

Michael Williamson - Blockchain Consultant, MBA, LSSGB, Former USA Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent
Rated on 2018-05-22

In my opinion,

This is a plain vanilla project, the white paper isn’t written very well, and I question if there’s enough business experience on the team to get the job done.

*Please see my profile for disclosures

Team Vision Product
3 3 3

Expert photo mofassair-hossain-1524759413.jpg

Mofassair Hossain - CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on 2018-05-18

Team is localized but experience .... advisory board is experience too ... in my opinion if team add some more international advisor it would make the project more strong........
Vision is good have mvp also ...

Team Vision Product
5 4 5

Expert photo karavaev-1512904655.jpg

Igor Karavaev - ico advisor and investor
Rated on 2018-05-18

One more ico project of this kind after a dozen of similiar. Did you examine them? Also the team is too localised, i prefer to see more international teams in ico projects as they solicit for international contributors

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo paul-mears-1517780392.jpg

Paul Mears - ICO investor, cryto trader
Rated on 2018-05-20

Very strong team and am not so concerned about the domestic nature given the funding that is available in the region. Internal resources strong to be able to execute

Team Vision Product
5 4 4

Expert photo douglas-lyons-1520773550.jpg

Douglas Lyons - Board Advisor- Early Adoption and Strategic Partnerships
Rated on 2018-05-21

just another data wallet just like the last 100..
"Ads are displayed according to user’s interest data" doesnt facebook and everyone else do this now?
,i do not see any viable ROI to the investor. I do not believe this to be a good investment.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo conston-taylor-1516902830.jpg

Conston Taylor - ICO Advisor | ICO Analyst | Blockchain Researcher
Rated on 2018-05-24

Control your personal data and share it with whomever you want whenever you want. I know of at least 5 ICOs that have launched with the same idea. I would have like to have seen a breakdown of how they differ from their competitors.

Team Vision Product
3 1 1

Expert photo tran-van-tinh-1522114061.jpg

Tinh Tran - ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert
Rated on 2018-05-31

It is in fact not a new idea to me among many others. Not sure if you have a plan B to stand out of the crowd.

Team is local and it is not a good team composition. I would suggest expand your team with international advisors at least.

Team Vision Product
3 3 2

Expert photo sainath-gupta-1521037855.jpg

Sainath Gupta - Founder,CEO at PrimeTradeAI uses AI Blockchain Trading ICO | Crypto 8 year
Rated on 2018-06-02

Said as hottest ICO in 1st week of june by social speculation report.

Pre sale is done in under 2 minutes, expecting some korean fomo?
Jason Han, ceo of Kakao ( biggest messenger) is responsible for some fomo

Also others being
Small cap: 20 k eth, 50%+ sold to public, good advertising potential.

Team Vision Product
4 5 5

Expert photo karnika-yashwant-1533930275.jpg

Karnika Yashwant - ICO Marketing Expert | Launch Strategist | Global Branding and Fundraising Master
Rated on 2018-06-11

One more.
Team is not international and I dont feel the team has sufficient expertise to pull this with all these competition.

Existing business is a plus.

Team Vision Product
3 2 3

Expert photo scott-brown-1522709945.jpg

Scott Brown - Senior Technology Executive, ICO Advisor, CryptoCurrency Enthusiast, Investor
Rated on 2018-06-12

- CEO has operated at the executive levels at other companies

-Very big dev OPERATIONAL team!; borrowing from ab180.

Facets to explore:
- This is being presented as a subsidiary of ab180. All the resources are coming from ab180, so really should be thought of as an additional capital raise of ab180. It is important to consider because it will take resources / attention away from one or the other, someone pays here current investors or the new ones.. It could be a great story as the team is assembled, but the question of why do they need the money is important and should be addressed.

- Like to see a CFO to manage the money.

- Raise target ~$10MM is in the sweet spot. ++

- There is a lot of room for someone to get this market segment right.

Facets to explore:
- It would be interesting to see some performance numbers from ab180 to get a sense how the company is executing in the space. Customer lists would give some indication if this team is able to reach across international borders.

Notice: I do not provide investment advice. Please see my profile for important disclosures.

Team Vision Product
3 4 3

Expert photo paun-gabriel-razvan-1513383268.jpg

Paun Gabriel Razvan - Early Bitcoin Holder / Ethereum ICO Investor
Rated on 2018-06-13

This needs to stop. They are 10000 of "Decentralized Personal Data Protocol" I mean a lot of tokens in order to secure your personal data , cookies and selling tokenize such products has no economical value whatsoever.

Team Vision Product
2 1 2

Expert photo suraj-tiwari-1517084304.jpg

Rated on 2018-06-15

Team : looks great with experience people in blockchain & partnership with icon makes it even more better.

Vision : vision is good as this could change the world of advertisement rather than spamming people it would be better to advertise only to interested.

Product : Dont see any prototype.

Team Vision Product
4 4 4

Expert photo zi-shuen-wong-1520692584.jpg

Zi Shuen Wong - President of Nanyang Blockchain Association | Founder of MR ICO | ICO Researcher and Analyst
Rated on 2018-07-30

Strong team

Very hyped up in the community, being mentioned by most of the ICO influencers with a decent rating

Well they did screw up the smart contract unlock timing (delayed by 5 minutes), so those who sent the contribution timely didn't get the allocation

It may seem like it's just another blockchain project that allows you to control yur own data, however they have some pretty strong partnerships. partnerships announcement one after one even after ICO

They do have very good investors too such as Signum Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Huobi Capital and OK Blockchain Capital. Listing on Huobi and OKex doesnt seem to be an issue at all.

An above project in overall.

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-18

Team Vision Product
0 0 0