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Ico logo airtoken.jpg More affordable and accessible mobile internet
Rating 4
Team Vision Product
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Mobile accessibility using advertising and microloans on the blockchain.

Token AIR
Price 50 AIR = 1 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap 21,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 1050000000
Country USA
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-09-19 10:00:00 2017-10-19 00:00:00


How it Works

The AirToken is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that unlocks free mobile internet through advertising and micro-loan rewards. Users can earn AirTokens by opting into advertisements and claiming micro-loans, redeemable for mobile data recharges across 500 wireless carriers.

  • Users
    Users will receive AirToken rewards for opt-in advertising (instead of the ads being an invisible burden on their data) and micro-loans of AirTokens based on our internal AirFox user “credit-score.”
  • Carriers
    AirFox will programmatically buy airtime and data in bulk from carriers. Carriers want to maximize spectrum and data usage from subscribers in order to maximize revenue.
  • Advertisers
    Publishers will have higher monetization, new user reach, and a better user experience. Publishers can implement our AirToken reward, micro-loan, and advertising system to enable higher user output.


Team photo 297-2064.jpg
Victor Santos
Co-Founder, CEO
Team photo 297-2065.jpg
Sara Choi
Team photo 297-2066.jpg
James Seibel

Team photo 297-2067.jpg
Emanuel Moecklin
Chief Software Architect
Team photo 297-2068.jpg
Christine To
Director of Business Operations
Team photo 297-2069.jpg
Tiago Passinato
Principal Software Engineer


Team photo 297-2070.jpg
Jennifer Lum
Co-Founder @ Forge.Ai and Co-Founder @ Adelphic Mobile
Team photo 297-2071.jpg
Semyon Dukach
Managing Partner @ One Way Ventures
Team photo 297-2072.jpg
Warren Katz
President @ Neurala

Team photo 297-2073.jpg
Amy Spurling
Ex- COO & CFO @ Jana
Team photo 297-2074.jpg
Wan Li Zhu
Principal @ Fairhaven VC
Team photo 297-2075.jpg
Steven Lee
Previously CTO @ Tremor Video and Co-Founder ScanScout

Team photo 297-2076.jpg
Ben Perry
SVP of Monetization @ MocoSpace
Team photo 297-2077.jpg
Dennis Petersen
Technical Blockchain Expert @ FunFare


  1. Phase 1
    The first phase will enable users to earn free AirTokens via advertising for mobile recharges across 500 wireless carriers. Users can earn AirTokens via the Android AirFox Browser and the Recharge App.
  2. Phase 2 - Q1 2018
    The second phase is enabling qualified users to redeem micro-loans of AirTokens by collaterizing their prepaid account balance and using our AirFox internal user scoring algorithm. We will also expand the use of AirTokens for items outside of mobile recharges.

    Users will be able to redeem micro-loans of AirTokens for physical and digital products across our ecosystem.
  3. Phase 3 - Q3 2018
    The third phase is extending the use of AirTokens and our advertising / microloan blockchain system outside of our own applications and across a direct network of publishers and advertisers.

    Publishers and advertisers can reward their users with AirTokens via advertising "moments" and use our micro-loans system to provide capital for in-app purchases. This will be provided via an API and SDK that publishers can integrate into their applications and websites.


Expert photo maxim-kiselev-1504088821.jpg

Maxim Kiselev - Investment banking and Compliance professional. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Rated on 2017-08-30

Team Vision Product
4 5 5

Expert photo nikolay-zvezdin-1512958707.jpg

Nikolay Zvezdin - Mr
Rated on 2017-08-31

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo luca-cotta-1513699936.jpg

Luca Cotta - launching ICOs, ICO Influencer, IT expert.
Rated on 2017-09-12

Team Vision Product
4 3 2

Expert photo farabi-shayor-1520796404.jpg

Farabi Shayor - Marketing Professional | VR Research Lead | Cryptocurrency Specialist
Rated on 2017-09-24

Team Vision Product
5 4 4

Expert photo abhijit-solanki-1507756619.jpg

Abhijit Solanki - Founder, Whiteboard Venture Partners & HigherOrder.VC
Rated on 2017-10-11

Team Vision Product
3 5 3

Expert photo petar-savic-1506099505.jpg

Petar Savic - Serial Tech Entrepreneur
Rated on 2017-10-27

Team Vision Product
4 5 4

Expert photo gabriel-llambias-1517399900.jpg

Gabriel Llambias - CFO-COO, Trader
Rated on 2018-02-21

Team Vision Product
5 3 3

Expert photo ricardo-ruiz-1513429990.jpg

Ricardo Ruiz - Ricardo
Rated on 2018-03-21

Team Vision Product
5 4 4

Expert photo mofassair-hossain-1524759413.jpg

Mofassair Hossain - CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on 2018-03-27

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-26

Team Vision Product
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