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Ico logo aelf.jpg Decentralized Cloud Computing Network
Rating 2.7
Team Vision Product
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High Performance, Resource Segregation, Governance & Development.

Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Distributed in ICO 25%
Tokens for sale 0
Country Singapore
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We introduce a highly efficient Blockchain architecture that incorporates State-of-the Art IT design principles and technologies to bring Blockchain up to a commercial standard. We envision it creates a "Linux eco-system" for Blockchain. We focus on defining and providing the most basic, essential and time-consuming to develop components of the system and on making significant improvements for existing Chains in the market. The system allows developers to customize Chains to meet their own needs, particularly commercial requirements for various industries. It will contain the following main features:

  • Main Chain and multi-layer Side Chains to handle various commercial scenarios. One chain is designed for one use case, distributing different tasks on multiple chains and improving processing efficiency
  • Communication with external Blockchain systems, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, via messaging
  • Parallel processing for non-competing transactions and cloud-based service
  • Basic components of minimum viable Block and Genesis Smart Contract Collection for each Chain to reduce data complexity and achieve high customization
  • Permission for stakeholders to approve amendments to the protocol, including redefining the Consensus Protocol; Permission for Side Chains to join or exit from Main Chain dynamically based on Consensus Protocol, and therefore introduce competition and incentive to improve each Side Chain

  • Team[edit]

    Team photo 3802-45536.jpg
    Ma Haobo
    Team photo 3802-45538.jpg
    Chen Zhuling
    Team photo 3802-45539.jpg
    Wen Shan

    Team photo 3802-45540.jpg
    Rong Peng
    Team photo 3802-45542.jpg
    Yang Yalong
    Team photo 3802-45544.jpg
    Deng Guanglei

    Team photo 3802-45546.jpg
    Liam Robertson
    Team photo 3802-45548.jpg
    Zhou Shuoji
    Team photo 3802-45549.jpg
    Kenneth Oh

    Team photo 3802-45551.jpg
    Michael Arrington



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    Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
    Rated on 2018-10-19

    Team Vision Product
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