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Ico logo accounting-blockchain.jpg The Future of Accounting at Your Fingertips
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Team Vision Product
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Accounting Blockchain is the future of accounting which will be saving businesses across the globe billions of dollars on a yearly basis.

Token TAB
Price 1 TAB = 0.01 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 37%
Soft cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap 64,400,000 USD
Tokens for sale 8140000000
Country Malta
Restricted areas USA
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2018-07-15 00:00:00 2018-09-30 00:00:00


Accounting data is very sensitive and needs to be stored in a secure, trustworthy place. More so when this data involves multiple parties as the data needs to be stored in a secure place that is trusted by all parties. Mutability, malicious attacks, transactions costs, scams, lack of assurance of authenticity have all been barriers in providing a trusted common ground to store B2B entries that can be trusted by all parties. Thus the status quo prevails, and companies remain operating in relative isolation accounting-wise spending billions in reconciliation costs.

A trusted, secure common ground where to store triple entry information is the key to connecting businesses though triple entries. The Accounting Blockchain - a tailor made blockchain infrastructure built specifically for accounting and for triple entries. A platform available for everyone to be able to use without having to pay hefty subscription fees to any particular software company. A distributed, trustworthy, fast, secure common ground where businesses feel confident to connect with. This is only possible with the advancements in Blockchain technology.

AB aims to provide affordable, easy, up to date platform solutions which do not break the bank. Apart from being affordable, our services will guarantee great savings which can be enjoyed immediately.

The Accounting Blockchain (TAB), designed from the ground up, is the ultimate solution and the platform connecting together businesses from all over the globe. It is designed and will be engineered to maximize accounting efficiency and to safeguard the data stored forever thanks to the advancement in the Blockchain technology.


Team photo 3999-48692.jpg
Nathaniel Borg
Founder & CEO
Team photo 3999-48693.jpg
Daniel Cutajar
Founder & COO
Team photo 3999-48694.jpg
Christian Deguara

Team photo 3999-48696.jpg
Karl Schranz
Tokenomics Leader
Team photo 3999-48697.jpg
Christian Ellul
Legal Consultant
Team photo 3999-48698.jpg
Franco Falzon
Tax & AML

Team photo 3999-48699.jpg
Peter Borg
Accounting Compliance Specialist
Team photo 3999-48700.jpg
David Seisun
Team Blockchain Leader
Team photo 3999-48701.jpg
Matthew Croker
Scrum Master

Team photo 3999-48702.jpg
Kris Cardona
Blockchain Strategic Expert
Team photo 3999-48703.jpg
David Wain
Legal Consultant
Team photo 3999-48704.jpg
Christopher Zerafa
Blockchain Researcher

Team photo 3999-48705.jpg
Keith Seisun
Senior Business Systems Analyst
Team photo 3999-48706.jpg
Keith Hili
Business Development Manager


Team photo 3999-48695.jpg
Steve Tendon
Blockchain Strategy Advisor
Team photo 3999-48707.jpg
Philipp Sauerborn
Financial Advisor


  1. August 2016
    Accounting Blockchain Concept development and focus groups.
  1. September 2016 –July 2017
    In depth market and blockchain research.
  1. July 2017 – December 2017
    Feasibility studies.
  1. January 2018
    Team recruitment commencement.
  1. February 2018
    Consultant engagement for tokenomics.
  1. March 2018
    Won ESTS Initiative ICO competition.
  1. May 2018
    Commencement of private placement.
  1. July 2018
    ICO Start.
  1. August 2018
    End of ICO.
  1. December 2018
    AB Fingertips Suite Alpha Version.
  1. February 2019
    Official launch of AB Fingertips Suite.
  1. June 2019
    AB Taxavance Official Launch.
  1. July 2019
    Open testing of Blockchain.
  1. December 2019
    The Accounting Blockchain Official Launch.


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Shebin John - Advisor, Ambassador, Consultant, Strategist, Computer Engineer and Programmer
Rated on 2018-09-21

1. The buyer and the seller have to integrate Accounting Blockchain as well as complete this learning curve to use it along with learning about the new system of Cryptocurrency

2. One has to enter details and the other still have to verify the same. Also, the error factor still persists. Just by using blockchain won’t eradicate human error, rather than actually makes the work more, considering if one party makes an error, due to blockchain’s immutable nature, the correction has to be approved by both parties.

3. Have you selected the correct blockchain?

4. MVP would be available only by December 2018 according to their roadmap. Thus 1 for Product

5. Most of the social media engagement looks fake or just due to the bounty.

Detailed Analysis:

Team Vision Product
2 3 1

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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-21

Team Vision Product
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