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Ico logo alax.jpg The Blockchain App Store Designed for Gamers
Rating 3.4
Team Vision Product
4 3.6 3.1


The purpose is to develop & support MobileGames Distribution Platform in emerging markets.

Token ALX
Price 1 ETH = 10000 ALX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 30%
Hard cap 30,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 300000000
Country Cayman Islands
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2018-04-17 00:00:00 2018-04-23 00:00:00 n/a n/a


ALAX is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform based on blockchain technology with the intention of bringing fresh air to the gaming industry around the world. DECENT and Dragonfly join forces to bring games to everyone including people that are unbanked (over 2 billion according to Findex1) but have access to cash and 3G/LTE smartphones. Their aim is to provide a platform for content creators and gamers alike.

Customers will be able to access the ALAX Store using an application built using DECENT’s library that will provide blockchain functionality. While content providers will have access to the ALAX Android SDK allowing them to include a range of features such as in-app purchases, rewards and more. Hence, consistency is secured across all the applications utilizing ALAX.

During the TGE ALAX will generate ALX tokens. These tokens can be then exchanged for ALA tokens, which can be used in the ALAX store. They will be offered to end users via internal exchange or using an existing reseller network of brick and mortar stores and mobile operators.

ALAX’s four architectural layers manage all of these tasks. The transaction layer is responsible for managing all blockchain transactions between clients, publishers and the ALAX Store. The data layer stores all the content securely and reliably, while the ALAX Store itself provides the basic business logic on top of the data and transaction layers managing entities available in ALAX. The final layer, the application layer, is an interface for gamers and game developers.


Team photo 2160-22847.jpg
Matej Michalko
Team photo 2160-22848.jpg
Kalvin Feng
Team photo 2160-22849.jpg
Tomas Koprusak
Project Lead

Team photo 2160-22851.jpg
David Martinec
Operations Manager
Team photo 2160-22852.jpg
Zuzana Gonova
PR Manager
Team photo 2160-22853.jpg
Matej Nemcek
Blockchain and Backend Engineer

Team photo 2160-22854.jpg
Peter Student
Solution Architect
Team photo 2160-22855.jpg
Marian Vanderka
Android Developer
Team photo 2160-22856.jpg
Michal Grman
Software Developer

Team photo 2160-22857.jpg
Gabriel Malicky
QA Analyst
Team photo 2160-22858.jpg
Ronald Filo
Technical Evangelist
Team photo 2160-22859.jpg
Patrik Csokas
IT Manager

Team photo 2160-22860.jpg
Juraj Jurik
Graphic Designer
Team photo 2160-22861.jpg
Amer Owaida
Team photo 2160-22862.jpg
Martin Hassler
Community Manager

Team photo 2160-22863.jpg
Veronika Pilzova
Community Manager
Team photo 2160-22864.jpg
Dong Seob Choi
Community Manager
Team photo 2160-22866.jpg
Karen Ohara
Community Manager

Team photo 2160-22867.jpg
Marian Podmajersky
Blockchain Consultant/Engineer


Team photo 2160-22868.jpg
Xiaomin Wang
Team photo 2160-22869.jpg
Tomas Varga
Team photo 2160-22870.jpg
Peter Pongracz


  1. 2018 January
    ALAX PoC
  1. 2018 February
    ALAX Whitepaper
  1. 2018 March
  1. 2018 April
  1. 2018 July
    ALAX Testnet Launch
  1. 2018 September
    ALAX Mainnent & Store Beta Launch
  1. 2019 Q1
    ALAX Store launch in Emerging Markets


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Igor Karavaev - ico advisor and investor
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Team Vision Product
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Amarpreet Singh - Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Fintech | Innovation | Machine Learning | AI | Speaker & mentor
Rated on 2018-03-01

Team Vision Product
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Purushotham Maralappa - ICO Adviser |Blockchain Community Manager | Business Analyst
Rated on 2018-03-02

Is it a Mobile app store?

Team Vision Product
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Vladimir Nikitin - ADVISOR | CONSULTANT | EXCHANGES Listing
Rated on 2018-03-03

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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-10-17

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