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Ico logo aisi-coin.jpg P2P Platform for Launching ITO's
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Based on great business and investment environment, our project creates huge ecosystem for making capital market more accessible using blockchain.

Token AISI
Price 1 AISI = 0.08 USD
Platform Separate blockchain
Type Waves Asset
Accepting BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Minimum investment 0.08 USD
Distributed in ICO 88%
Hard cap 13,700,000 USD
Tokens for sale 220
Country Georgia
Restricted areas USA, China, South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen
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2018-03-21 00:00:00 2018-04-21 00:00:00 2018-05-30 00:00:00 2018-08-01 00:00:00


Our company combines business projects and cryptocurrency market. First on the Georgian market and then we will expand to other areas of the world. We are the first company which is working to design a platform for the local business projects and introduce them to blockchain technology. The existing business environment in Georgia, which simplifies business activities, will be fully released and effectively used by launching our project. As a first company which connects Georgian capital market to the global cryptocurrency-based investment, we are glad to create new opportunities for all interested parties. Our company, LUNA Group, was founded in 2017. Market realities profoundly influenced our objectives and vision. It is evident that Georgia’s current economic policy generates new obstacles for interconnected sectors because of the absence of strategic planning and clear vision. The aspiration for technologies, as well as external or internal financial statistics which reflected the economic conditions of the country led us to create a synthesis of digital technology and finance. AISI Coin cryptocurrency, introduced by our company, is based on the leading characteristics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In general, the value of cryptocurrency is determined by economic and technological models. Quick transfers, safety and transparency make up a short list of the characteristics of our crypto currency. Investment platform, which will allow AISI Coin holders to easily invest in startups and existing businesses who are in need for a financial injection to grow and prosper. These two components shape the synthesis that combines cryptocurrency with economic production. Most cryptocurrencies on the market are oriented on two indicators: technological innovation and short-term financial (single-use) operation. In this context, our project emerges as one of the leading players on both the cryptocurrency market and the domestic capital market. Both stability and constant growth are of crucial importance for us.


Team photo 2921-37180.jpg
Nabil Assaf
Team photo 2921-37181.jpg
Barrak El Homayssi
Team photo 2921-56829.jpg
Tornike Chkhvimiani
Advisor of Board Members


Team photo 2921-32634.jpg
Giorgi Shervashidze
Founder, CEO
Team photo 2921-32635.jpg
Levan Salia
Founder, CFO
Team photo 2921-32636.jpg
Irakli Kvaratskhelia
Founder, CTO

Team photo 2921-32637.jpg
Paata Kakulia
Founder, Lead lawyer
Team photo 2921-32643.jpg
Revaz Zarnadze
Project Manager
Team photo 2921-48355.jpg
Ninutsa Phartsvania
Expert of Corporate Cooperation


Team photo 2921-37178.jpg
Toms Beitans
Team photo 2921-37179.jpg
Artem Politsin


Team photo 2921-32642.jpg
Nika Aphtsiauri
Senior Developer
Team photo 2921-48356.jpg
Lika Chutkerashvili
Public Relations Manager


  1. Q1 - 2018
    Preparation of web page and Whitepaper;
    Local sales;
    AISIwallet - web page;
    Launching general marketing strategy;
    AISIwallet (with QR scanner support) - mobile app;
    Language support for the whole platform;
    Starting cooperating and collaborating with local and global partners;
  1. Q2 - 2018
    Regional sales and promotion of the project;
    Local Presentations and participating in the crypto-forums;
    Promotion of investment platform on the local market;
    ICO for global audience;
    Development of the coming milestone concept;
  1. Q3 - 2018
    Launching prototype of Investment Platform;
    Start developing the main concept of the desktop wallet;
    AISI Discount - Discount Portal for commercial facilities and their customers;
    AISI AuctionMarket - (P2P sales place powered by blockchain);
    Test mode of Investment Platform;
  1. Q4 - 2018
    Placement of AISI coin on crypto-exchange platforms;
    Development of own blockchain infrastructure;
    AISI desktop wallet;
    Launching the Investment Platform;
  1. Q1 -2019
    Implementation of the Smart Contracts;
    Global launch of the ITO Platform;


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Team Vision Product
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