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Ico logo aero-token.jpg Enabling the Drone Superhighway
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AERO Token is an Ethereum-based blockchain technology that will enable property owners.

Token AERO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 25,000 BTC
Tokens for sale 0
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
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AERO Token enables hosts (i.e. property owners) to authorize their property for drone Right-of-Way operations.

By voluntarily granting revocable Right-of-Way (“ROW”) avigation easements and authorizing access to private - or public - property on the AERO Network, property owners and drone service providers retain control of their assets, discretion of use and are in a continued state of real-time communication.

Instead of pursuing an eminent domain action, which unnecessarily thrusts public policy issues and likely litigation upon unsuspecting individuals, we propose a mechanism that both incentivizes participation of property owners (i.e. hosts), while providing an unrestrained potential to create dynamic flight paths for commercial drone service providers (i.e. as opposed to static paths) and the ability to fly at lowaltitude over private property without trespassing.


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Chase Perkins
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Eric Wroble
Team photo 3294-37185.jpg
Hayley Halpin

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Robin Bascom
Team photo 3294-37188.jpg
Jason Thomas
Team photo 3294-37189.jpg
Paolo Santonocito


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Aaron Crews
Team photo 3294-37190.jpg
Marti Tirinnanzi
Team photo 3294-37191.jpg
Andrew Hart

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Spencer Noon



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Team Vision Product
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