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Ico logo ab-chain.jpg Blockchain and AI for enhanced campaigns.
Rating 3.5
Team Vision Product
3.7 3.3 3.4


Reinventing digital advertising. New way of RTB - we use blockchain and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of traffic.

Token RTB
Price 1 RTB = 0.35 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting BTC, ETH, Various
Minimum investment 50 USD
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 70000000
Country Russia
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
2017-09-17 00:00:00 2017-10-01 00:00:00 2018-02-19 06:00:00 2018-03-31 20:59:00


AB-CHAIN's mission ​​is to provide companies with cryptocurrency budgets a quick and easy way to publish advertising on the Internet without having to convert cryptocurrency into fiat, ensuring a high return on investment.

AB-CHAIN's vision is to become the most technologically advanced advertising network by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our technologies allow to acquire the following business-effects:

  • Remove intermediaries who filter ineffective promotion channels;
  • As a consequence, get rid of the intermediary's commission, which usually ranges from 15% to 30%;
  • Eliminate the human factor in determining placement channels and improve the efficiency and speed of channel selection;
  • Work on business indicators (ROI and ROMI), which in most cases are either not monitored or are monitored by hunch.


Team photo 362-2979.jpg
Vladimir Dyakov
Founder, CEO
Team photo 362-2980.jpg
David Pomies
Co-founder, Business Development Director
Team photo 362-2981.jpg
Ivan Pshenitsyn
Co-founder, CTO

Team photo 362-2982.jpg
Cate Lawrence
Head of Communication and PR
Team photo 362-2983.jpg
Antony Oshkin
Chief Marketing Officer
Team photo 362-2984.jpg
Sergey Kuprianov
Software developer

Team photo 362-2985.jpg
Ivan Rogozhev
Software developer
Team photo 362-2986.jpg
Vyacheslav Mirgorod
Software developer
Team photo 362-2987.jpg
Alex Shalin
System Administrator

Team photo 362-2988.jpg
Kirill Remizov
QA engineer
Team photo 362-2989.jpg
Veronique Repeva
Account manager
Team photo 362-12380.jpg
Adrien Henni
International strategy advisor

Team photo 362-12381.jpg
Dom Inzerillo
International Marketing and Community manager
Team photo 362-21839.jpg
Ivan Skladchikov
Community manager


Team photo 362-2990.jpg
Leonid Delitsyn
Head of Analytics, FINAM Global
Team photo 362-2993.jpg
Artem Ozerkov
Head of Publishers, admitad.com advertising network
Team photo 362-2994.jpg
Kirill Ermakov
Chief Technology Officer, QIWI Bank

Team photo 362-2995.jpg
Igor Bulatenko
Chief Security Officer, QIWI Bank
Team photo 362-2996.jpg
Ivan Pashintsev
UX Lead, QIWI Bank
Team photo 362-2997.jpg
Dmitry Kozlov
Head of Product, Alfa-Bank

Team photo 362-12382.jpg
Arseniy Strizhenok
ICO advisor LAToken, Co-founder & CMO Blockletter.co, Blockchain & ICO advisor EWDN.com
Team photo 362-12383.jpg
Alex Savchenkov
Founder and President, cityads.com International advertising network
Team photo 362-21841.jpg
Christos Stergiou
Investors Relations in Greece and Canada

Team photo 362-21843.jpg
Kaimin Hu
AI and ML, AI product manager in Advance.ai, Accenture, Wailian Tech, San Francisco
Team photo 362-21845.jpg
Victor Ho
Investors Relations in China
Team photo 362-21917.jpg
Reuben Godfrey

Team photo 362-21918.jpg
Juan Garay


  1. 2017 Q4 – AB-CHAIN for ICO projects first release 2018
    AB-CHAIN launched its advertising network and began with connecting publishers which will provide impressions for the first advertising campaigns. The functional allows publishers to install widgets to their websites. It allows advertisers to set personal accounts. Advertising campaign reporting and moderation are set. AB-CHAIN network is able to provide 500 000 impressions daily and successfully launched first advertising campaigns.
  2. 2018 Q1 – RTB token establishment and token burning mechanism
    Our token is already issued. It is a smart-contract in Ethereum network which realizes the interface according to ERC20 standard. In addition, RTB token maintains the function of burning as well as the mechanism of token migration into a different smart contract in case of a failure or in case if there is too little tokens left.
  3. 2018 Q2 – Smart-contract for advertising deals
    The smart contract will allow transactions between traffic sources (publishers and advertising networks) and advertisers. The commission of 10% for the advertising network AB-CHAIN along with 50% burning due to contribution to the community of advertisers, publishers and investors will turn AB-CHAINs proposal to advantage among rival proposals.
  4. 2018 Q3 – AI development
    Creating an artificial neural network will allow analysing the development of advertising campaign online and will establish correlation between the results and the conditions of placement.
  5. 2018 Q4 – Grasp the market of ads paid with crypto
    AB-CHAIN will be scalable through connecting new traffic sources as well as marketing and PR campaigns aiming at attracting new advertisers. Along with it will come constant enhancement of users interface (advertisers office) for a convenient creating, evaluating and managing advertising campaigns.
  6. 2019 – Grasp traditional digital advertising market
    The number of those companies implementing blockchain and cryptocurrency is obviously growing and affecting the traditional market. This trend will be increasing in the future. AI and ML technology will allow us develop privilege which will lead to constant growth at the traditional digital market as well.


Expert photo luca-cotta-1513699936.jpg

Luca Cotta - Icodriver...expert launching ICOs, ICO Influencer, IT expert.
Rated on 2017-09-19

Team Vision Product
3 3 2

Expert photo shlomo-klahr-1506641202.jpg

Shlomo Klahr - Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Student, Former Investment Intern @ Digital Currency Group
Rated on 2017-09-28

Team Vision Product
3 4 3

Expert photo farabi-shayor-1520796404.jpg

Farabi Shayor - Marketing Professional | VR Research Lead | Cryptocurrency Specialist
Rated on 2017-11-14

Team Vision Product
4 4 4

Expert photo michael-ryan-1510898466.jpg

Michael Ryan - CEO and Founder at CoinHealth LLC
Rated on 2017-12-02

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo nikolay-zvezdin-1512958707.jpg

Nikolay Zvezdin - Mr
Rated on 2017-12-03

Team Vision Product
3 1 2

Expert photo karavaev-1512904655.jpg

Igor Karavaev - ico advisor and investor
Rated on 2018-04-27

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo simon-choi-1513215220.jpg

Simon Choi - Fintech & ICO Lawyer
Rated on 2017-12-22

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo p-b-stanton-esq-1521088548.jpg

P.B. Stanton Esq. - Securities and Banking law | Former US Marine JAG Officer | Complete legal advisory
Rated on 2018-01-08

Wonderful team. I would like to see more.

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo vladimir-1511523713.jpg

Vladimir Manzyuk - Blockchain/System Analyst
Rated on 2017-12-31

I don’t like this:
- Wallet attributes: «Allows publishers to withdraw their earnings in fiat currency if they wish.» - But how ?
- «we will propose to add its support as the payment method to all our partners networks (about ABC token)» - It turns out that it can be that no partner accepts ABC
- 20% commission with «standard» cryptocurrency
- There is no need token. Use eth
- Company doesn’t directly depend on the token, if the price of the token falls a thousand times – it will not affect the company in any way

Team Vision Product
4 2 2

Expert photo nathan-christian-1524458635.jpg

Nathan Christian - Blockchain Technology Consultant
Rated on 2018-01-08

Good team, vision and product

Team Vision Product
5 4 4

Expert photo james-1513047438.jpg

James Sowers - Ico adviser
Rated on 2018-01-12

Team Vision Product
4 4 4

Expert photo lluis-salt-1523889445.jpg

Lluis Saltó -
Rated on 2018-01-12

Team Vision Product
4 3 3

Expert photo yaroslav-belkin-1511515553.jpg

Yaroslav Belkin - Ex Cointelegraph and NewsBTC Media Group | Founder and CEO at Belkin Marketing
Rated on 2018-01-18

- high fees
- no need for this token
- no project dependence on the token

Team Vision Product
1 2 2

Expert photo jan-schets-1517109688.jpg

Jan Schets - ICO advisor | CIO | Blockchain Consultant | Early Crypto Investor
Rated on 2018-02-02

Lots of competition in this space. Other projects have a more complete vision/team. Given the problems banks are now giving to ANY crypto company, this project seems too optimistic about its chances to make it work.

Team Vision Product
2 1 1

Expert photo ricardo-ruiz-1513429990.jpg

Ricardo Ruiz - Ricardo
Rated on 2018-02-04

Good and experienced team, this will be a successful project

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo douglas-lyons-1520773550.jpg

Douglas Lyons - Board Advisor- Early Adoption and Strategic Partnerships
Rated on 2018-01-16

Team Vision Product
3 3 3

Expert photo arthur-zubkoff-1513798587.jpg

Arthur Zubkoff - FinTech & Marketing Consultant
Rated on 2018-01-16

+ Aims to solve paying-for-ads with crypto problem for ICOs
+ Experienced team
+ Not just an idea, but a product-in-progress

- Relatively high fees
- Questionable need for token
- Overcrowded website & plenty of competitors

Team Vision Product
3 3 3

Expert photo zahid-imran-1509332478.jpg

Zahid Imran - ICO expert and Advisor, consultant
Rated on 2018-01-21

Team Vision Product
4 5 5

Expert photo pavel-stukolov-1514306659.jpg

Pavel Stukolov - CEO at TokenStars, the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain
Rated on 2018-01-29

Great ICO! Best of luck!

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo igor-salikov-1515960098.jpg

Igor Salikov - "Love Is Forever When It's Written in the Blockchain"
Rated on 2018-02-03

Good team, experienced advisers. Lots of competitors in this space. It is necessary to work hard to achieve a success. Good luck!

Team Vision Product
5 5 5

Expert photo ian-scarffe-1511612030.jpg

Ian Scarffe - Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.
Rated on 2018-03-15

An original idea with a good vision and a strong team leading it, keep up the good work

Team Vision Product
4 4 5

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-26

Team Vision Product
0 0 0