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Ico logo 300-token.jpg In memory of the 300 Spartan Soldiers
Rating 1
Team Vision Product
1 1 1


The only reason why we are doing an ICO is to raise funds to list on exchanges, make website, PR, etc.

Token 300
Price 1 300 = 0.300 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Tokens for sale 300
Country Hong Kong
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2017-06-30 00:00:00 2017-07-06 00:00:00


300 Token is one of the first tokens created by the Minereum Token Service.

This Token was created in memory of the 300 Spartan Soldiers from the Battle of Thermopylae



Expert photo dr-mihaly-kertesz-1512021009.jpg

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz - COO, strategist
Rated on 2018-03-27

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo viktor-tabori-1514581142.jpg

Viktor Tabori - Co-founder, CTO
Rated on 2018-03-26

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo dmitry-pshenin-1532230235.jpg

Dmitry Pshenin - Partner crypto fund | Marketing |Blockchain entrepreneur|Fundraise capital |Influencer
Rated on 2018-05-03

There is no description of the project. Most likely the project is already dead. I will be able to change estimates only after there will be any activity and there will be a clear idea.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo mohit-tater-1521030456.jpg

Mohit Tater - Blockchain & ICO Advisor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Rated on 2018-07-20

I don't know what's going on with this project and their team. I don't even understand what they are trying to achieve with this limited 300 token. If only they could get their KYC done at least.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo dennis-oosting-1534431442.jpg

Dennis Oosting - ICO advisor and Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions
Rated on 2018-07-04

I am not even sure what this is, but apparantly they did something right with their meme coin as the value is residing above the ICO price even though the daily volume is around $20.

Just do not burn your hands on these kind of things.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo dr-rex-yeap-1522556894.jpg

Dr. Rex Yeap - IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
Rated on 2018-07-09

First reviewed on 9 July 2018.

C1. Puzzling that the team information is zilch.

C2. 3 members (as at 9 July 2018) in it's Telegram Announcement group (with zero announcement): https://t.me/Sparta300Token

C3. I may revise my ratings after receiving answers from the team on the above comments.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo paul-cliffe-1527002819.jpg

Paul Cliffe - ICO advisor|Crypto-asset and ICO investor| Libertarian|CEO of Block Venture Project
Rated on 2018-09-02

Team - no team listed. Didn’t seem to worry anyone.

Vision - difficult to see how 300 Spartans, killed at the battle of Thermopylae millennia ago, retain a monetary value today. But it turns out they do. Still struggling with the concept however.

Product - commemorative crypto for a battle in the Greco-Persian war. Can’t explain further than this.

This has, against insurmountable odds, become a success with a huge ROI (virtually zero volume). I really hope they do a William Wallace coin, maybe produce 1305 of them for the year of his death. The ‘HODL’ memes will be worth the effort, I’m sure.

Well done to the team here, whoever you are.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo luis-wester-1532541692.jpg

Luis Wester - Serial Entrepreneur | ICO advisor | Marketing Expert | Blockchain Maximalist Author
Rated on 2018-09-14

This is madness!
This is Sparta!

This project is a commemorative token. The team is not published, no whitepaper or other detailed information about the vision, and no project or MVP or even an App or UI/UX mockup is available.
Which is not necessary for this type of project of course. But the team behind it would've been nice to see. I would likely want to own one of these just for the hell of it as I've enjoyed the corresponding movie.

It seems more like a joke and should've not been accepted by the platform.

Team Vision Product
1 1 1

Expert photo benchy.jpg

Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on 2018-09-26

Team Vision Product
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