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Ico logo 0penproductdb.jpg Open Product Database
Rating 2.3
Team Vision Product
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Global full-featured open database of goods.

Token OPDB
Price 1 OPDB = 0.001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 55 %
Soft cap 1,000,000 OPDB
Hard cap 27,500,000 OPDB
Tokens for sale 27500000
Country Lithuania
preICO start preICO end ICO start ICO end
n/a n/a 2018-04-16 00:00:00 2018-06-11 00:00:00


Open data
Product descriptions use structured data with the latest standards in.
Product descriptions is available on CC-BY license terms. Product descriptions is available in JSON-LD format, Schema.org. For product categorization (taxonomy), the latest version of the GPC standard is used.
The service is initially created in multilingual, in order to best meet the needs of people from every place of our planet.
An early version of the service will be available in 2 languages. At the start of the first public version of the service, it will be available in 5 languages. Descriptions of goods are divided by language, while the characteristics of goods do not differ. Regularly increasing the number of languages supported to penetrate new markets is one of our growth strategies.
The project receives revenue from commercial placements - purchase offers on the product page.
The minimum placement price is initially defined as the equivalent of 1 USD per item per month. Offers are shown in order of decrease in the price of their placement.
On the product page, the offers matching the user's location are displayed. Payment of tokens of the project is stimulated by discounts. When paying with usual (fiat) money, part of the revenue is spent on buying tokens, which ensures the price of the token increases.
Payments to authors
The author of the product description receives up to 10% of the revenue from commercial placements for this product.
The percentage of income to the author depends on the quality of the product description. The quality of the product description can only be estimated by the owners of the tokens. Payments to authors are carried out in project tokens, from a special pool.
Price increase for the token
We do our best to provide a natural process of increasing the price of the token.
Using a token for payments to authors, gives an opportunity to increase the volume of trades in the token. A part of the income received in the form of ordinary (fiat) money is spent on buying out tokens, which guarantees the growth of the price of the token. The use of the token for voting and payment to the holders of the token also guarantee the growth of the price of the token. Immediately after the launch of the first public version of the service, the token is displayed on the exchanges.
Payments to investors
Last but not least. We do not just issue a token, which you can earn on sale, we promise regular payments to the holders of the tokens.
The size and regularity of payments is determined by voting of the holders of the tokens. First payments to tokens holders begin one year after the start of ICO. Payments to the holders of the tokens are made on the personal wallet in ETH.


Team photo 2381-25620.jpg
Gennady Nedorezov
Team photo 2381-25621.jpg
Aleksej Jerenkevic
Team photo 2381-25622.jpg
Sergey Antipov
Technical Director

Team photo 2381-25623.jpg
Dmitry Divitay
Head of the backend department
Team photo 2381-25625.jpg
Ilya Ivanov
Head of the frontend department
Team photo 2381-25626.jpg
Pavel Pochivalin
Head of the UI/UX department


Team photo 2381-25630.jpg
Natalia Petukhova
eCommerce expert
Team photo 2381-25631.jpg
Oleg Luchkov
Business expert
Team photo 2381-25632.jpg
Dmitri Nesterov
Business expert


  1. February - June 2017
    The main idea of the project. Study of market needs. Search for confederates.
  1. July - September 2017
    Understanding the need to use crypto currency and tokens. Decision on entering ICO. Formation of the command core. Formation of technical requirements.
  1. September - November 2017
    Formation of a technical team. Work on the first prototype.
  1. November - December 2017
    Working prototype. Finalization to the alpha version.
  1. January 2018
    Working alpha version. Preparation for pre-ICO and ICO.
  1. February 2018
    Pre-ICO start. Limited pre sale of 5% of tokens. 50% bonus.
  1. April 2018
    ICO start. Sale of 50% of tokens. Bonus 25% with a weekly decrease.
  1. July 2018
    Output of early version. Full access for investors. Limited public access.
  1. September 2018
    Public version output. Full public access. Output of a token to exchanges.
  1. April 2019
    Beginning of payments to investors. Conducting investor voting on payments. First payments to investors.


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Benchy - ICO Analyzer Bot
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Team Vision Product
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